States Must Protect the Park’s Wolves from Thousands of Wolf Hunters    

Dear Guardian,

It’s so unfair.

More than 4,400 well-armed hunters are stalking Wyoming’s dwindling population of what was 330 wolves. The killing has been so ruthlessly efficient that hunters have shot 10 wolves from Yellowstone National Park, which will hinder long-term research and harm wolf-watching tourism.

Join WildEarth Guardians to request that Wyoming and Montana establish a protective buffer around Yellowstone and the Wind River Reservation to save protected wolves.

The federal government abandoned wolves to Wyoming in September. Wyoming almost immediately commenced wolf hunting. We abhor wolf hunting, and so we filed litigation yesterday to stop the slaughter. Wyoming allows hunters to kill wolves immediately outside Yellowstone National Park, where wolves are otherwise protected.

Wyoming’s terrible management plan allows for only 100 wolves to survive outside Yellowstone National Park and the Wind River Indian Reservation. But hunters and outfitters are picking off the Park’s wolves too. They wander, or are enticed beyond the safety of the Park’s boundary and shot. This isn’t fair, or ethical, and is very poor stewardship of a rare species.

Please contact officials from both Wyoming and Montana and request they immediately establish a buffer zone around Yellowstone National Park and the Wind River Indian Reservation.

Hunters have already killed 54 wolves in Wyoming this year. Like Montana and Idaho, Wyoming charges a pittance for wolf-hunting tags—pitting unarmed wolves against thousands of hunters. That’s just wrong!

Meanwhile, federal taxpayers have spent millions of tax dollars over the last two decades to restore and study wolves of the Northern Rocky Mountains, and now even Yellowstone’s wolves are unsafe.

Yellowstone wolves belong to all of us. Contact state officials today and save Yellowstone’s wolf packs from wolf hunters.

For the Wolves,

staff photo Wendy Keefover

Wendy Keefover
Carnivore Protection Director
WildEarth Guardians

Gray wolf pc Ray Rafiti
photo credit: Ray Rafiti

Wyoming’s wolf plan could exterminate wolves from most of the state, and even reduce populations inside Yellowstone National Park.



Read the ScienceInsider article "Yellowstone Park Research Wolves Killed by Hunters."



wolf report 2012

Read WildEarth Guardians report, “Northern Rocky Mountain Wolves: A Public Policy Process Failure,” describing how two special interest groups have hijacked wolf conservation in the West.

   Tell a friend to join you in requesting that Wyoming and Montana establish no-hunting buffer zones around Yellowstone National Park and the Wind River Reservation to protect wolves from thousands of wolf hunters.

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