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Defend New Mexico's Public Lands From Fracking

Greater Carlsbad Caverns Region Faces Oil and Gas Onslaught

Dear Guardian,

The Trump Administration’s assault on our public lands is kicking into high gear in southeast New Mexico’s Greater Carlsbad Caverns region. With your help, we can turn the tide.

Make a difference today. Speak out in support of saving our public lands, not liquidating them to the oil and gas industry.

With Carlsbad Caverns National Park at its core, southeast New Mexico’s public lands are too often forgotten about. However, they’re equally deserving of protection as any other spectacular corner of the American West.

Sadly, these lands are under attack by the oil and gas industry. Hundreds of thousands of acres have been auctioned away for fracking. Companies like Exxon and Chevron are sinking well after well into this fragile region, fouling the air, contaminating water, and fueling climate change.

Now the U.S. Bureau of Land Management is developing a new plan that would open up 97% of all public lands in this area for oil and gas development. Even worse, up to 50,000 acres of public lands would be sold and privatized.

Now is our chance to weigh in and demand an end to these fossil fuel giveaways. Speak out today!

And if you can, attend one or more public hearings planned around this latest plan. Next week, hearings are set for Carlsbad, Roswell, Artesia, Hobbs, Jal, and even Midland, Texas.

WildEarth Guardians’ Climate and Energy team will be at the hearings in Carlsbad and Roswell. Look for us if you’ll also be attending!

The Bureau of Land Management’s plan for the Greater Carlsbad Caverns region will guide public lands and minerals management for the next 20 years. It’s critical we ensure the agency adopt the highest standards of protection.

So much is at stake. And these aren’t just our lands. Western wildlife like the lesser prairie chicken, dunes sagebrush lizard, mule deer, elk pronghorn, and others call this region home. It’s imperative we speak out for their protection.

Join us as we demand a better future for our public lands, one that isn’t fracked.

For the Wild,

Jeremy Nichols, Climate and Energy Program Director

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photo credit: U.S. Bureau of Land Management