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WildEarth Guardians

     Tell Congress to Investigate Torture Scandal at Government Wildlife-Killing Agency      

Dear Guardian,

You may not want to see this. So brace yourself. The attached images are terrifying and disgusting. 

Federal agent Jamie P. Olson sic’d his dogs on live coyotes that were captured by steel-jawed traps. Then he documented his own cruelty by posting the photos online. Mr. Olson works for the infamous Wildlife Services, the federal agency that kills millions of animals annually with our tax dollars.

Demand that Congress investigate Wildlife Services and rogue agents like Jamie P. Olson and eliminate federal spending for killing native carnivores such as coyotes.

As former Wildlife Services’ agent Gary Strader told the Sacramento Bee yesterday, killing trapped animals with dogs “‘is very common . . . It has never been addressed by the higher-ups. They know it happens on a regular basis.’”

Wildlife Services has demonstrated that it has no moral compass and lacks ethical grounding. As we reported just last week, the agency is more concerned about covering their tracks by obscuring hundreds of pages of public records than engaging in open government. They must have a lot to hide.

Let’s put a spot light on Wildlife Services. Demand that Congress thoroughly investigate every aspect of this agency and eliminate federal funding for killing coyotes, wolves and other native carnivores.

Wildlife belong to all Americans; they must not be brutalized by the likes of federal agent Jamie P. Olson.

For the Wild Ones,

staff photo Wendy Keefover

Wendy Keefover
Carnivore Protection Director
WildEarth Guardians

Coyote Ray Rafitiphoto credit: Ray Rafiti

“Song dogs” are playful, curious, and important components of a healthy ecosystem. 





Coyote Trap Image cropped pc Jamie Olson_Wildlife Services
photo credit: Jamie Olson, Wildlife Services

The Sacramento Bee exposes outrageous, immoral behavior by a Wildlife Services’ agent Jamie P. Olson this week.

   Tell a friend to join you in asking Congress to investigate Wildlife Services.

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