Shasta County Suspends Contract with Wildlife-Killing Agency
Controversial USDA Sheep Experiment Station to Remain Open
Zinke Proposes More Fracking in Greater Chaco, Despite Need for More Analysis
Guardians Commends Partial Deferral of New Mexico Oil and Gas Sale, Calls for More Protections for Public Lands
Activists Disrupt Zinke at Convention of Western Attorneys General Conference
Trump Administration Continues Attacks on Imperiled Species
Congressional Western Caucus Attacks the Endangered Species Act
Guardians Cheers Postponement of Oil and Gas Auction Near Great Sand Dunes, Calls for Permanent Protections
Legal Challenge Holds the Line on Winter Motorized Travel
Administration Scuttles Public Interest in Expanding Coal Mine
Court: Feds Failed to Fully Assess Risks of Killing Thousands of Animals a Year in Idaho
More Than Climate Change Threatens Iconic Rio Grande
Canadian Firm Looking to Mine Land Trump Illegally Removed From Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument
Groups call for Forest Service to cancel permit of welfare rancher who killed Mexican wolf
#ItsNotOver - Response to Federal Legislation, Call for Greater Protections for Greater Chaco
Greater Chaco Takes Step Towards Protection
Series of Awful Trapping Incidents Spotlights Need for Reform
Environmental Advocates, Local Landowners Move to Protect Water, Climate in Montana
Taiwanese Humpback Dolphin Protected Under U.S. Endangered Species Act
Report Finds Coal Mine Safety Violations Occurred Every Hour in 2017
Carlsbad Caverns National Park At Risk from Fracking
Trump Administration's Fracking Plan Ignores Health Threats, Worsens Deadly Ozone in Western Colorado
Taxpayer-Funded War on Wildlife Claimed 1.3 Million Native Animals in 2017
Conservation Groups Call for No Fracking, Drilling Near Colorado's Great Sand Dunes National Park
WildEarth Guardians Challenges Failure of Tri-State to Guarantee $120 Million in Coal Mine Cleanups
Court finds fracking in Greater Chaco violates cultural protections
Court rejects flawed Mexican wolf management rule
Conservation Groups File Lawsuit to Save Willamette River Chinook Salmon and Steelhead
New Mexico Bighorns to be Killed to "Save Them" from Livestock Diseases Spread by Public Lands Grazing Operations
Lawsuit Challenges Unwarranted Killing of Colorado Mountain Lions, Black Bears
#ItsNotOver - Greater Chaco Advocates Descend on BLM
#ItsNotOver - Chaco Lease Sale Deferred, Advocates Press for Permanent Protections
Trump Spares Gateway to Yellowstone from Fracking for Now
Greater Chaco Spared from Fracking Auction
Feds to Analyze How Deadly 'Cyanide Bombs' Impact Endangered Wildlife
Coalition Calls on Interior Secretary Zinke to Condemn Attacks on Transparency, Defend Democracy
Latest Count Shows Smallest of Increases in Wild Mexican Wolf Population
Low Flows Predicted for Rio Grande in 2018
Rio Rancho Targets Agricultural Water to Sure Up its Wells
Texas Hornshell Mussel Gains Legal Protections
Zinke Targets Southeastern Montana With Massive Federal Oil and Gas Giveaway
Native Groups and Allies Demand BLM Redirect Course to Stop Fracking Chaco
Wolf advocates sue: 'Recovery plan' sets Mexican wolves on road to extinction
Unprecedented Number of Appeals Filed to Defend Greater Chaco from Fracking
Feds Move to Strip Lynx of Endangered Species Act Protections
Trump, Zinke Plan to Open Public Lands Near the Gateway to Yellowstone National Park and Beartooth Front for Fracking
Conservation Groups Urge Interior Secretary Zinke to Round Up Bundy's Trespassing Cattle
Rio Grande Flows Look Bleak in 2018
WildEarth Guardians Challenges Trump and Zinke's Plans to Frack Chaco Canyon
National Forests to Re-think Rubber Stamps on Winter Travel Maps
Two Imperiled Missouri River Fish One Step Closer to Protection
New Mexicans Demand Environmental Justice, Landscape-Level Conservation in Greater Chaco
Lawsuit Challenges Trump Administration's OK of Colorado Coal Mine Expansion in Roadless Forest
Trump, Zinke Ruin Holidays, Plan to Giveaway 700,000 Acres of Western Public Lands
Conservation Groups File Lawsuit after President Trump Illegally Axed Majestic Bears Ears National Monument
WildEarth Guardians Sues to Halt Illegal Shrinking Of Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument
Transparency Suit Filed Over Interior Department Rollbacks
Groups Call for Stronger Measures to Conserve Sage-Grouse
Trump Administration Finalizes Deeply Flawed Mexican Wolf Recovery Plan
WildEarth Guardians Calls "Fowl" on Oil and Gas Giveaway in Wyoming
Northeast Idaho Sheep Grazing Stopped to Protect Wild Bighorns
Failures in Road Management Place Bull Trout at Risk
New Map Series Highlights Dangers of Coal Mining in Powder River Basin of Montana and Wyoming
Feds Stop Using M-44 Cyanide Bombs, Other Cruel Tools to Kill Colorado Wildlife
WildEarth Guardians and Allies Oppose Trump's Plan to Frack Gateway to Yellowstone National Park, Beartooth Front
WildEarth Guardians and Allies Oppose Trump's Plan to Frack Gateway to Yellowstone National Park, Beartooth Front
Corps on Notice for Failing to Protect Willamette River Chinook and Steelhead
California Wildlife Win Protections From Federal Trapping, Gunning
Groups File Lawsuit to Stop New Diversion and Protect Flows in Colorado River
Rio Rancho Takes More Flows From Rio Grande
Trump to Sacrifice 4,500 Acres of Greater Chaco for Fracking
Lawsuit filed today to stop risk of deadly diseases in eastern Idaho
Colorado Gov. Hickenlooper's Climate Plan Ignores Arch Coal's Mine Pollution
WildEarth Guardians Confronts Coal Mine Expansion Under Utah National Forests
Four Imperiled Florida Plants Finally Receive Endangered Species Act Protections
WildEarth Guardians Protests Trump's Plan to Frack Utah's Clean Air, Monuments
WildEarth Guardians Confronts Massive Coal Mine Expansion in Powder River Basin
Group Calls on Colorado to Restore--Not Compromise--Rio Grande
At Long Last Imperiled Sonoyta Mud Turtle Receives Endangered Species Act Protections
Rare Pearl Darter Receives Key Endangered Species Act Protections
South Island Hector's Dolphin and Maui Dolphin Listed Under the Endangered Species Act
Court Defends Climate Overturns Massive Coal Mining in Wyoming
Rogue National Forests Rubber Stamp Winter Travel Maps, Face Legal Challenge
WildEarth Guardians Protests Trump Oil and Gas Giveaway in Wyoming
WildEarth Guardians Condemns Trump Plans to Sell Western Public Lands for Fracking
PacifiCorp Coal Giveaway Targeted
Battle Begins to Restore Protections for Greater Yellowstone Grizzly Bears
Peabody Coal Plans Threaten Climate, Clean Air, Colorado Public Lands
Guardians Calls for Halt to Auctioning Public Lands for Fracking in Nevada
Zinke Recommends Shrinking Rio Grande del Norte, Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monuments
White Supremacy Is Not Welcome Here
Conservationists Seek Nationwide Ban on Wildlife-killing M-44 'Cyanide Bombs'
Forest Service Forging Ahead With Proposed Mammoth Mountain Base Area Land Exchange Despite Lack of Information
Court Upholds Agreement Protecting Imperiled Lynx from Trapping
Trump Administration Denies Pacific Bluefin Tuna Endangered Species Act Protection
Fracking Threatens Utah National Monuments, Climate
Win for Wildlife and Quiet Use on Santa Fe National Forest
Feds Poised to Bless More Storage in Elephant Butte Reservoir
Letter Urges Releasing Endangered Mexican Gray Wolves into Wild
WildEarth Guardians Protests Trump Oil and Gas Giveaway in Eastern Colorado
WildEarth Guardians Denounces Misleading Congressional Western Caucus Letter On Zinke Monument Review
Fight Begins to Maintain Protections for Yellowstone Grizzly Bears
Groups Challenge Plan Increasing Off-Highway Vehicle Use in Old-Growth Areas of Ochoco National Forest
From Standing Rock to Chaco Canyon: Indigenous Youth Organizers lead 80-mile Awareness Run
WildEarth Guardians Fills Vital Leadership Position From Within
U.S. Agency Proposes Listing Taiwanese Humpback Dolphin as Endangered
Conservationists Condemn Premature Stripping of Protections for Yellowstone's Grizzlies
Court Throws Out Feds' Misguided Policy Limiting Prosecution of Killers of Endangered Wildlife
Lawsuit Filed Against Federal Wildlife-killing Program in California
Conservation Groups File Series of Lawsuits to Enforce Transparency Under Trump
Groups Seek Immediate Ban on Use of M-44 'Cyanide Bombs' in Wyoming
WildEarth Guardians Condemns Trump Plans to Auction Western Public Lands for Fracking
WildEarth Guardians Vows To Sue President Trump If He Shrinks Bears Ears
Coalition Files Suit to Defend Climate, Clean Air and Water From Coal
Trump pushes coal mining in roadless forest days after repudiating Paris climate agreement
WildEarth Guardians Condemns Trump Plans to Auction Colorado Public Lands for Fracking
U.S. Bureau of Land Management Promises Greater Protection for Greater Chaco
Appeal Filed to Defend Nevada Public Lands, Climate From Fracking
Joint Release: Agreement secures protection of the South Platte River in central Denver
New Mexicans rally in support of PNM shareholder resolutions to protect consumers, climate
Groups Ask Court to Halt Federal Wildlife Killing in Idaho
Five Sharks and a Guitarfish Receive Needed Endangered Species Act Protections
Outpouring of Public Support for Protecting Wild Places and Wildlife in New Helena-Lewis and Clark Forest Plan
Major Victory for Lobo Recovery in the Land of Enchantment
Environmental Watchdogs Fight Trump Admin for Withholding Public Information on Climate
WildEarth Guardians Applauds Initial Convictions of Bundy-Aligned Extremists For Their Roles In 2014 Standoff With BLM
WildEarth Guardians Moves to Block Public Lands Fracking Giveaway in Montana
Federal Wildlife Killing Program Sued Over Carnivore Killing in Colorado
WildEarth Guardians Moves to Block Public Lands Fracking Giveaway in Colorado and Utah
Conservationists Seek to Defend Recommended Wilderness and Wilderness Study Areas in ATVer and Snowmobiler Lawsuit
Federal Wildlife-killing Agency Agrees to Halt Use of M-44 "Cyanide Bombs" in Idaho
WildEarth Guardians Calls for Shutdown of San Juan Coal Mine, Transition From Coal in New Mexico
Lawsuit Filed to Save Imperiled Native Carnivores From Deadly 'Cyanide Bombs'
Immediate Ban Sought on Use of M-44 'Cyanide Bombs' in Idaho
WildEarth Guardians Responds to Latest Trump Executive Order
Lawsuit Challenges Trump Administration's Order to Open Public Lands to Coal Leasing
Cyanide Bomb Incidents Highlight Need to Ban Cruel Devices
WildEarth Guardians Applauds Progress Made in New Mexico's 2017 Legislative Session
Feds Admit Killing Nearly 1.6 Million Native Animals in 2016
WildEarth Guardians Hails Convictions of Militants in Second Oregon Standoff Trial
Legal Protest Targets Trump Plans to Auction 32,000 Acres of Public Lands in Wyoming for Drilling, Fracking
King County Passes Motion Opposing Giveaway Of America's Public Lands to State And Private Interests
Interior Secretary Zinke Is No Teddy Roosevelt Conservationist
Senate Confirmation of Interior Secretary Zinke is Climate Disaster
Rio Rancho Water Transfer Threatens Rio Grande Flows
Idaho Settlement Ensures Notification for Wildlife Killing Contests on BLM Lands
Wild Mexican Wolf Population Increases to 113
WildEarth Guardians Details Plan to Restore a Living Rio Grande
Lawsuit Spurs Forest Service to Ensure Safe Passage for Bull Trout
WildEarth Guardians Files Suit to Defend Clean Air From Colorado Springs Coal-fired Power Plant
Trump Administration Delays Necessary Endangered Species Act Protections for Guitarfish
New Report and Website Expose Barbaric Government Wildlife Killing Practices
Chaffetz Hears Massive Public Outrage, Pulls Bill to Sell Public Lands
Wildlife protection and conservation groups call on Oregon lawmakers to oppose cruel cougar trophy hunting bills
Tenth Annual Prairie Dog Conservation Report Released
Major Stride Towards a Sustainable Forest on Mt. Baker Ranger District
Colorado Parks and Wildlife Sued Over Planned Cougar and Bear Killing
Guitarfish Protected Under the Endangered Species Act
Tribal Delegates To Bureau of Land Management - Stop Chaco Sale!
Groups Move to Defend Pause in Federal Coal Leasing against Lawsuit by Utah Counties
Feds Decline Additional Storage in Elephant Butte Reservoir
U.S. Department of the Interior to Consider Ending Coal Mining on Public Lands
Indigenous Leaders Rally to Stop Chaco Oil and Gas Sale
Court tosses suit challenging Santa Fe National Forest travel management plan
Obama Administration Urged to Reject Sweetheart Deal With Coal Industry
Lawsuit Launched to Save Lynx, Wolves, Condors, Other Endangered Animals From Deadly Pesticides Used to Kill Predators
New Report Highlights 10 Wildlife Conservation Priorities for the Trump Administration
Suit Filed to Defend Clean Air for Denver Metro Region
Obama Administration Signs Death Warrant for Colorado Roadless Forest, Jump-Starts Trump's Attack on Climate
Washington State Lists Canada Lynx as Endangered
Coalition Calls on Obama Administration to Protect Greater Chaco, Navajo Communities from Fracking
WildEarth Guardians Protests Plan to Auction off Colorado Public Lands for Fracking
New Mexico Commissioner of Public Lands Seeks Handout From United States
Public Demands Greater Chaco Protection
U.S. Bureau of Land Management Throws Climate Under Bus, Plans Last Minute Giveaway to Fossil Fuel Industry
Public Comments Reveal Tremendous Support for Wilderness and Wildlife in New Flathead National Forest Plan
Lesser Prairie Chicken Back On Track for Endangered Species Protections
Dam Project Threatens Imperiled Rio Grande Fish
Forest Service Agrees to Rethink How to Protect Critical Bull Trout Habitat from Motorized Use
Guardians Appeals to Defend Climate from Public Lands Fracking in Colorado and Utah
Indigenous and Environmental Groups Call on Obama Administration to Stop Criminalizing Climate Speech
Coalition Challenges Massive Public Lands Fracking in Utah
Western Advocacy Group Expresses Disappointment in Not Guilty Verdicts for Militants
Progress for Protection: Report on Historic Endangered Species Act Settlement Released
Rare Fish Receive Endangered Species Act Safeguards
Landmark Settlement Reins in Rogue Federal Wildlife Killing Program
Pacific Bluefin Tuna One Step Closer to Endangered Species Act Protection
Wolves Return to Deep Creek
Utah Attorney General Concludes Potential Lawsuit Demanding Public Lands Not Likely To Succeed
Congressman Bishop "Red Washes" Tribal Prosperity and Energy Development
Rare Glacier National Park Insect Proposed for Endangered Species Act Protection
Speculative Water Grab Threatens New Mexico's Rivers
Obama Administration Called on to Cancel Illegally Approved Coal Leases
Lawsuit Filed to Protect Critical Bull Trout Habitat on Payette National Forest
Rare Dolphins and Guitarfish Proposed for Endangered Species Act Protections
BREAKING: Over 40 Activists Currently Occupying the Department of Interior to Demand President End Fossil Fuel Lease Sales
Beloved Joshua Trees Move Toward Endangered Species Act Protection
Emergency Protections Sought for Imperiled Lesser Prairie Chicken
Court Orders Fish & Wildlife Service to Reexamine Lynx Critical Habitat
Two Imperiled Missouri River Fish Need Legal Protections
Thousands Speak out for Climate and Chaco Canyon, Call for Canceling New Mexico Oil and Gas Lease Sale
WildEarth Guardians Reaches Western Colorado Clean Air and Clean Energy Agreement
New Studies Highlight Management Actions That Can Reduce Impacts of Over-Snow Vehicle Use on the Environment
Climate Advocates Call for Keeping Fossil Fuels in the Ground at New Mexico Oil and Gas Lease Sale
Court Ruling Secures Unprecedented Scrutiny Over New Mexico Coal Mine
Western Groups Respond to Decline in National Park Visitation Due to Oil and Gas Activity
Western Coal Mining Plans Reversed
Obama Administration Sued to Protect Climate, Public Lands from Drilling and Fracking
Guardians Moves to Protect Climate from Fracking in Montana
Guardians Spurs Obama Administration to End Coal Industry Breaks, Ensure Mines Pay for Clean Up