WildEarth Guardians

A Force for Nature

Shasta County Suspends Contract with Wildlife-Killing Agency
Controversial USDA Sheep Experiment Station to Remain Open
Zinke Proposes More Fracking in Greater Chaco, Despite Need for More Analysis
Guardians Commends Partial Deferral of New Mexico Oil and Gas Sale, Calls for More Protections for Public Lands
Activists Disrupt Zinke at Convention of Western Attorneys General Conference
Trump Administration Continues Attacks on Imperiled Species
Congressional Western Caucus Attacks the Endangered Species Act
Guardians Cheers Postponement of Oil and Gas Auction Near Great Sand Dunes, Calls for Permanent Protections
Legal Challenge Holds the Line on Winter Motorized Travel
Administration Scuttles Public Interest in Expanding Coal Mine
Court: Feds Failed to Fully Assess Risks of Killing Thousands of Animals a Year in Idaho
More Than Climate Change Threatens Iconic Rio Grande
Canadian Firm Looking to Mine Land Trump Illegally Removed From Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument
Groups call for Forest Service to cancel permit of welfare rancher who killed Mexican wolf
#ItsNotOver - Response to Federal Legislation, Call for Greater Protections for Greater Chaco
Greater Chaco Takes Step Towards Protection
Series of Awful Trapping Incidents Spotlights Need for Reform
Environmental Advocates, Local Landowners Move to Protect Water, Climate in Montana
Taiwanese Humpback Dolphin Protected Under U.S. Endangered Species Act
Report Finds Coal Mine Safety Violations Occurred Every Hour in 2017
Carlsbad Caverns National Park At Risk from Fracking
Trump Administration's Fracking Plan Ignores Health Threats, Worsens Deadly Ozone in Western Colorado
Taxpayer-Funded War on Wildlife Claimed 1.3 Million Native Animals in 2017
Conservation Groups Call for No Fracking, Drilling Near Colorado's Great Sand Dunes National Park
WildEarth Guardians Challenges Failure of Tri-State to Guarantee $120 Million in Coal Mine Cleanups
Court finds fracking in Greater Chaco violates cultural protections
Court rejects flawed Mexican wolf management rule
Conservation Groups File Lawsuit to Save Willamette River Chinook Salmon and Steelhead
New Mexico Bighorns to be Killed to "Save Them" from Livestock Diseases Spread by Public Lands Grazing Operations
Lawsuit Challenges Unwarranted Killing of Colorado Mountain Lions, Black Bears
#ItsNotOver - Greater Chaco Advocates Descend on BLM
#ItsNotOver - Chaco Lease Sale Deferred, Advocates Press for Permanent Protections
Trump Spares Gateway to Yellowstone from Fracking for Now
Greater Chaco Spared from Fracking Auction
Feds to Analyze How Deadly 'Cyanide Bombs' Impact Endangered Wildlife
Coalition Calls on Interior Secretary Zinke to Condemn Attacks on Transparency, Defend Democracy
Latest Count Shows Smallest of Increases in Wild Mexican Wolf Population
Low Flows Predicted for Rio Grande in 2018
Rio Rancho Targets Agricultural Water to Sure Up its Wells
Texas Hornshell Mussel Gains Legal Protections
Zinke Targets Southeastern Montana With Massive Federal Oil and Gas Giveaway
Native Groups and Allies Demand BLM Redirect Course to Stop Fracking Chaco
Wolf advocates sue: 'Recovery plan' sets Mexican wolves on road to extinction
Unprecedented Number of Appeals Filed to Defend Greater Chaco from Fracking
Feds Move to Strip Lynx of Endangered Species Act Protections
Trump, Zinke Plan to Open Public Lands Near the Gateway to Yellowstone National Park and Beartooth Front for Fracking
Conservation Groups Urge Interior Secretary Zinke to Round Up Bundy's Trespassing Cattle
Rio Grande Flows Look Bleak in 2018
WildEarth Guardians Challenges Trump and Zinke's Plans to Frack Chaco Canyon
National Forests to Re-think Rubber Stamps on Winter Travel Maps
Two Imperiled Missouri River Fish One Step Closer to Protection
New Mexicans Demand Environmental Justice, Landscape-Level Conservation in Greater Chaco
Lawsuit Challenges Trump Administration's OK of Colorado Coal Mine Expansion in Roadless Forest
Trump, Zinke Ruin Holidays, Plan to Giveaway 700,000 Acres of Western Public Lands
Conservation Groups File Lawsuit after President Trump Illegally Axed Majestic Bears Ears National Monument
WildEarth Guardians Sues to Halt Illegal Shrinking Of Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument
Transparency Suit Filed Over Interior Department Rollbacks
Groups Call for Stronger Measures to Conserve Sage-Grouse
Trump Administration Finalizes Deeply Flawed Mexican Wolf Recovery Plan
WildEarth Guardians Calls "Fowl" on Oil and Gas Giveaway in Wyoming
Northeast Idaho Sheep Grazing Stopped to Protect Wild Bighorns
Failures in Road Management Place Bull Trout at Risk
New Map Series Highlights Dangers of Coal Mining in Powder River Basin of Montana and Wyoming
Feds Stop Using M-44 Cyanide Bombs, Other Cruel Tools to Kill Colorado Wildlife
WildEarth Guardians and Allies Oppose Trump's Plan to Frack Gateway to Yellowstone National Park, Beartooth Front
WildEarth Guardians and Allies Oppose Trump's Plan to Frack Gateway to Yellowstone National Park, Beartooth Front
Corps on Notice for Failing to Protect Willamette River Chinook and Steelhead
California Wildlife Win Protections From Federal Trapping, Gunning
Groups File Lawsuit to Stop New Diversion and Protect Flows in Colorado River
Rio Rancho Takes More Flows From Rio Grande
Trump to Sacrifice 4,500 Acres of Greater Chaco for Fracking
Lawsuit filed today to stop risk of deadly diseases in eastern Idaho
Colorado Gov. Hickenlooper's Climate Plan Ignores Arch Coal's Mine Pollution
WildEarth Guardians Confronts Coal Mine Expansion Under Utah National Forests
Four Imperiled Florida Plants Finally Receive Endangered Species Act Protections
WildEarth Guardians Protests Trump's Plan to Frack Utah's Clean Air, Monuments
WildEarth Guardians Confronts Massive Coal Mine Expansion in Powder River Basin
Group Calls on Colorado to Restore--Not Compromise--Rio Grande
At Long Last Imperiled Sonoyta Mud Turtle Receives Endangered Species Act Protections
Rare Pearl Darter Receives Key Endangered Species Act Protections
South Island Hector's Dolphin and Maui Dolphin Listed Under the Endangered Species Act
Court Defends Climate Overturns Massive Coal Mining in Wyoming
Rogue National Forests Rubber Stamp Winter Travel Maps, Face Legal Challenge
WildEarth Guardians Protests Trump Oil and Gas Giveaway in Wyoming
WildEarth Guardians Condemns Trump Plans to Sell Western Public Lands for Fracking
PacifiCorp Coal Giveaway Targeted
Battle Begins to Restore Protections for Greater Yellowstone Grizzly Bears
Peabody Coal Plans Threaten Climate, Clean Air, Colorado Public Lands
Guardians Calls for Halt to Auctioning Public Lands for Fracking in Nevada
Zinke Recommends Shrinking Rio Grande del Norte, Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monuments
White Supremacy Is Not Welcome Here
Conservationists Seek Nationwide Ban on Wildlife-killing M-44 'Cyanide Bombs'
Forest Service Forging Ahead With Proposed Mammoth Mountain Base Area Land Exchange Despite Lack of Information
Court Upholds Agreement Protecting Imperiled Lynx from Trapping
Trump Administration Denies Pacific Bluefin Tuna Endangered Species Act Protection
Fracking Threatens Utah National Monuments, Climate
Win for Wildlife and Quiet Use on Santa Fe National Forest
Feds Poised to Bless More Storage in Elephant Butte Reservoir
Letter Urges Releasing Endangered Mexican Gray Wolves into Wild
WildEarth Guardians Protests Trump Oil and Gas Giveaway in Eastern Colorado
WildEarth Guardians Denounces Misleading Congressional Western Caucus Letter On Zinke Monument Review
Fight Begins to Maintain Protections for Yellowstone Grizzly Bears
Groups Challenge Plan Increasing Off-Highway Vehicle Use in Old-Growth Areas of Ochoco National Forest
From Standing Rock to Chaco Canyon: Indigenous Youth Organizers lead 80-mile Awareness Run
WildEarth Guardians Fills Vital Leadership Position From Within
U.S. Agency Proposes Listing Taiwanese Humpback Dolphin as Endangered
Conservationists Condemn Premature Stripping of Protections for Yellowstone's Grizzlies
Court Throws Out Feds' Misguided Policy Limiting Prosecution of Killers of Endangered Wildlife
Lawsuit Filed Against Federal Wildlife-killing Program in California
Conservation Groups File Series of Lawsuits to Enforce Transparency Under Trump
Groups Seek Immediate Ban on Use of M-44 'Cyanide Bombs' in Wyoming
WildEarth Guardians Condemns Trump Plans to Auction Western Public Lands for Fracking
WildEarth Guardians Vows To Sue President Trump If He Shrinks Bears Ears
Coalition Files Suit to Defend Climate, Clean Air and Water From Coal
Trump pushes coal mining in roadless forest days after repudiating Paris climate agreement
WildEarth Guardians Condemns Trump Plans to Auction Colorado Public Lands for Fracking
U.S. Bureau of Land Management Promises Greater Protection for Greater Chaco
Appeal Filed to Defend Nevada Public Lands, Climate From Fracking
Joint Release: Agreement secures protection of the South Platte River in central Denver
New Mexicans rally in support of PNM shareholder resolutions to protect consumers, climate
Groups Ask Court to Halt Federal Wildlife Killing in Idaho
Five Sharks and a Guitarfish Receive Needed Endangered Species Act Protections
Outpouring of Public Support for Protecting Wild Places and Wildlife in New Helena-Lewis and Clark Forest Plan
Major Victory for Lobo Recovery in the Land of Enchantment
Environmental Watchdogs Fight Trump Admin for Withholding Public Information on Climate
WildEarth Guardians Applauds Initial Convictions of Bundy-Aligned Extremists For Their Roles In 2014 Standoff With BLM
WildEarth Guardians Moves to Block Public Lands Fracking Giveaway in Montana
Federal Wildlife Killing Program Sued Over Carnivore Killing in Colorado
WildEarth Guardians Moves to Block Public Lands Fracking Giveaway in Colorado and Utah
Conservationists Seek to Defend Recommended Wilderness and Wilderness Study Areas in ATVer and Snowmobiler Lawsuit
Federal Wildlife-killing Agency Agrees to Halt Use of M-44 "Cyanide Bombs" in Idaho
WildEarth Guardians Calls for Shutdown of San Juan Coal Mine, Transition From Coal in New Mexico
Lawsuit Filed to Save Imperiled Native Carnivores From Deadly 'Cyanide Bombs'
Immediate Ban Sought on Use of M-44 'Cyanide Bombs' in Idaho
WildEarth Guardians Responds to Latest Trump Executive Order
Lawsuit Challenges Trump Administration's Order to Open Public Lands to Coal Leasing
Cyanide Bomb Incidents Highlight Need to Ban Cruel Devices
WildEarth Guardians Applauds Progress Made in New Mexico's 2017 Legislative Session
Feds Admit Killing Nearly 1.6 Million Native Animals in 2016
WildEarth Guardians Hails Convictions of Militants in Second Oregon Standoff Trial
Legal Protest Targets Trump Plans to Auction 32,000 Acres of Public Lands in Wyoming for Drilling, Fracking
King County Passes Motion Opposing Giveaway Of America's Public Lands to State And Private Interests
Interior Secretary Zinke Is No Teddy Roosevelt Conservationist
Senate Confirmation of Interior Secretary Zinke is Climate Disaster
Rio Rancho Water Transfer Threatens Rio Grande Flows
Idaho Settlement Ensures Notification for Wildlife Killing Contests on BLM Lands
Wild Mexican Wolf Population Increases to 113
WildEarth Guardians Details Plan to Restore a Living Rio Grande
Lawsuit Spurs Forest Service to Ensure Safe Passage for Bull Trout
WildEarth Guardians Files Suit to Defend Clean Air From Colorado Springs Coal-fired Power Plant
Trump Administration Delays Necessary Endangered Species Act Protections for Guitarfish
New Report and Website Expose Barbaric Government Wildlife Killing Practices
Chaffetz Hears Massive Public Outrage, Pulls Bill to Sell Public Lands
Wildlife protection and conservation groups call on Oregon lawmakers to oppose cruel cougar trophy hunting bills
Tenth Annual Prairie Dog Conservation Report Released
Major Stride Towards a Sustainable Forest on Mt. Baker Ranger District
Colorado Parks and Wildlife Sued Over Planned Cougar and Bear Killing
Guitarfish Protected Under the Endangered Species Act
Tribal Delegates To Bureau of Land Management - Stop Chaco Sale!
Groups Move to Defend Pause in Federal Coal Leasing against Lawsuit by Utah Counties
Feds Decline Additional Storage in Elephant Butte Reservoir
U.S. Department of the Interior to Consider Ending Coal Mining on Public Lands
Indigenous Leaders Rally to Stop Chaco Oil and Gas Sale
Court tosses suit challenging Santa Fe National Forest travel management plan
Obama Administration Urged to Reject Sweetheart Deal With Coal Industry
Lawsuit Launched to Save Lynx, Wolves, Condors, Other Endangered Animals From Deadly Pesticides Used to Kill Predators
New Report Highlights 10 Wildlife Conservation Priorities for the Trump Administration
Suit Filed to Defend Clean Air for Denver Metro Region
Obama Administration Signs Death Warrant for Colorado Roadless Forest, Jump-Starts Trump's Attack on Climate
Washington State Lists Canada Lynx as Endangered
Coalition Calls on Obama Administration to Protect Greater Chaco, Navajo Communities from Fracking
WildEarth Guardians Protests Plan to Auction off Colorado Public Lands for Fracking
New Mexico Commissioner of Public Lands Seeks Handout From United States
Public Demands Greater Chaco Protection
U.S. Bureau of Land Management Throws Climate Under Bus, Plans Last Minute Giveaway to Fossil Fuel Industry
Public Comments Reveal Tremendous Support for Wilderness and Wildlife in New Flathead National Forest Plan
Lesser Prairie Chicken Back On Track for Endangered Species Protections
Dam Project Threatens Imperiled Rio Grande Fish
Forest Service Agrees to Rethink How to Protect Critical Bull Trout Habitat from Motorized Use
Guardians Appeals to Defend Climate from Public Lands Fracking in Colorado and Utah
Indigenous and Environmental Groups Call on Obama Administration to Stop Criminalizing Climate Speech
Coalition Challenges Massive Public Lands Fracking in Utah
Western Advocacy Group Expresses Disappointment in Not Guilty Verdicts for Militants
Progress for Protection: Report on Historic Endangered Species Act Settlement Released
Rare Fish Receive Endangered Species Act Safeguards
Landmark Settlement Reins in Rogue Federal Wildlife Killing Program
Pacific Bluefin Tuna One Step Closer to Endangered Species Act Protection
Wolves Return to Deep Creek
Utah Attorney General Concludes Potential Lawsuit Demanding Public Lands Not Likely To Succeed
Congressman Bishop "Red Washes" Tribal Prosperity and Energy Development
Rare Glacier National Park Insect Proposed for Endangered Species Act Protection
Speculative Water Grab Threatens New Mexico's Rivers
Obama Administration Called on to Cancel Illegally Approved Coal Leases
Lawsuit Filed to Protect Critical Bull Trout Habitat on Payette National Forest
Rare Dolphins and Guitarfish Proposed for Endangered Species Act Protections
BREAKING: Over 40 Activists Currently Occupying the Department of Interior to Demand President End Fossil Fuel Lease Sales
Beloved Joshua Trees Move Toward Endangered Species Act Protection
Emergency Protections Sought for Imperiled Lesser Prairie Chicken
Court Orders Fish & Wildlife Service to Reexamine Lynx Critical Habitat
Two Imperiled Missouri River Fish Need Legal Protections
Thousands Speak out for Climate and Chaco Canyon, Call for Canceling New Mexico Oil and Gas Lease Sale
WildEarth Guardians Reaches Western Colorado Clean Air and Clean Energy Agreement
New Studies Highlight Management Actions That Can Reduce Impacts of Over-Snow Vehicle Use on the Environment
Climate Advocates Call for Keeping Fossil Fuels in the Ground at New Mexico Oil and Gas Lease Sale
Court Ruling Secures Unprecedented Scrutiny Over New Mexico Coal Mine
Western Groups Respond to Decline in National Park Visitation Due to Oil and Gas Activity
Western Coal Mining Plans Reversed
Obama Administration Sued to Protect Climate, Public Lands from Drilling and Fracking
Guardians Moves to Protect Climate from Fracking in Montana
Guardians Spurs Obama Administration to End Coal Industry Breaks, Ensure Mines Pay for Clean Up
Feds Shortchange Imperiled Gunnison Sage Grouse in New Land Use Plans
Rio Grande Dries Through Bosque del Apache
Guardians Calls on Obama Administration to Reject Massive Public Lands Fracking Plans in Utah
Angelsharks Protected Under the Endangered Species Act
To Protect Climate, Public Health, Americans Call for End to Federal Coal Program
Conservationists Challenge Failure to Protect Imperiled Queen Conch
Climate activists forcibly removed from American Petroleum Institute-sponsored Politico energy event at DNC in Philadelphia
Conservation Groups Challenge Plan for Excessive Motorized Travel on Tonto National Forest
Fighting to Secure Quiet Winter Space for Wolverine, Grizzly and Lynx
Advocates and Indigenous Community Leaders, Organizers, and Elders Rally at BLM Santa Fe
De-listing Puts Lesser Prairie Chicken on Path to Extinction
Guardians Challenges Coal Mine Expansions in Colorado
Groups Rebut Inaccurate Obama Administration Statements on 'Keep It in the Ground' Movement
Lawmakers Side with the Fossil Fuel Industry in Push for Online Lease Sales for Drilling on Public Lands and Oceans
Utah Public Lands Bill a Disaster for Sage Grouse, Sane Energy Development
Amid Mounting Controversy, BLM Halts New Mexico Fossil Fuel Auction
Community Reacts to San Juan Basin Oil Tank Explosion
Facing Climate Protests, Feds Abruptly Relocate New Mexico Fossil Fuel Auction
Feds Sued for Failure to Protect Imperiled Marine Species
Lesser Prairie Chicken Numbers Plummet in 2016
Imperiled Nassau Grouper Receives Long Overdue Legal Protections
EPA Fails to Address Major Source of Water Pollution: Forest Road Runoff
WildEarth Guardians Calls for an End to Mining Publicly Owned Coal
Feds Spent Millions of Public Dollars to Kill Over 1.6 Million Native Animals in 2015
Endangered Species Act Protection Sought for Pacific Bluefin Tuna
Group Challenges the U.S. Sheep Experiment Station
New Mexico Coal Layoffs Underscore Need to Help Workers, Communities Transition
Bighorn Sheep in the Greenhorns One Step Closer to Protection
Forest Service Fails to Protect Tonto National Forest From Excessive Off-road Vehicle Use
Federal Plan Threatens Future of the Rio Grande
Colorado Coal Production Plummeting in 2016
Conservationists Intervene on Behalf of Mexican Gray Wolf Reintroduction Efforts in New Mexico
Obama Administration Pulls Plans for Fracking near Chaco Canyon
Guardians Appeals to Protect Climate, Prevent Public Lands Fracking in Wyoming
Conservation Groups Challenge Idaho Wolf-killing
Emergency Petition Filed to Save Plummeting Red Wolf Population
WildEarth Guardians Calls for an End to Mining Publicly Owned Coal
Protesters Tell Feds: 'Keep It in the Ground' at Utah Oil and Gas Lease Sale
WildEarth Guardians Joins in Protest of Federal Fracking Auction in Colorado
Taiwanese Humpback Dolphin Moves toward Endangered Species Act Protection
Government Urged to Round Up Bundy's Cattle
Colorado Coal Mine Expansion Overturned
Suit Seeks Public Review of Animal Pelt Exports
Citizen Groups Challenge Fracking in Santa Fe National Forest
Colorado Fails to Clean up Smog Pollution Along Front Range
Protesters Tell BLM to Stop Auctioning Wyoming Public Lands for Fracking
WildEarth Guardians Launches "Just Transition" Push Around Obama Administration Coal Reforms
Court Rules Against Unrestricted Motorized Travel in Santa Fe National Forest
Feds Warned They'll be Sued for Failure to Protect Imperiled Marine Species
New Mexico, Wyoming Face Suit for Letting Bankrupt Peabody Coal off the Hook
Protesters Tell Feds to 'Keep It in the Ground' at New Mexico Oil and Gas Lease Sale
Groups to Obama: Keep It in the Ground, Cancel Fossil Fuel Auction in Santa Fe
"Keep it in the Ground" Rally to Target BLM's Oil and Gas Auction in New Mexico
America Stands to Benefit from Peabody Bankruptcy
Protection Sought for Ultra-rare Pocket Gopher in Wyoming's Red Desert
Two More Years of Trespass: Bundy's Cows Still Trampling Tortoise Habitat
Judge Rules Feds Improperly Refused to Protect Wolverines
Massive Peabody, Arch Layoffs Underscore Need to Help Workers, Communities Transition from Coal
Colorado, Wyoming Coal Mining Approvals Defy Climate Protection
100,000+ urge President to end fossil fuel leasing from public lands and waters
Colorado Springs Utilities Put on Notice of Clean Air Violations
Historic Petition Urges Obama to Halt All New Offshore Fossil Fuel Leases
Rare Marine "Living Fossil" Gains Legal Protections
Guardians Seeks Equity and Accountability for Rio Grande
Conservation Groups Win Reprieve from Sheep Grazing on Government Lands
Groups Call on Peabody to End its Coal Business
Imperiled Rio Grande Fish Move Toward Needed Endangered Species Act Protections
Imperiled Mouse Gains Protections Along 169 Miles of Streams and Rivers
Guardians Calls on Obama Administration to Cancel Colorado, Utah Oil and Gas Lease Auctions
Lawsuit Seeks Endangered Species Act Protections for Imperiled Bi-state Sage Grouse
Coalition Calls on Obama Administration to Move Quickly on Coal Reform
Protection Sought for Critically Endangered Taiwanese Humpback Dolphin
Guardians and Physicians Call on Obama Administration to Cancel Wyoming Oil and Gas Lease Auction
Feds Move to Strip Yellowstone's Iconic Grizzly Bears of Protections
Wild Sheep Advocates Pushing for Protection in the High Divide Country of Montana
Lawsuit Fights Special Interest Loopholes in Greater Sage-Grouse Plans
Montana Fish and Wildlife Commission Weighs in on U.S. Sheep Station Grazing
WildEarth Guardians Puts Peabody on Notice of Coal Violations
Guardians Complaint Spurs Peabody Coal Investigation
Author Terry Tempest Williams Buys Parcels at Public Lands Fracking Auction in Protest
100+ Climate Activists Protest BLM Oil, Gas Auction in Utah
"Keep It in the Ground" Rally in Salt Lake City to Target BLM's Oil, Gas Auction
Locals and Activists Ask Feds to End Fossil Fuel Auctions for Good
Guardians Calls on Obama Administration to Rein in Peabody Coal
More Dirty Fuels Stay in the Ground as BLM Postpones Yet Another Oil and Gas Auction
Yet Another Oil and Gas Auction Postponed
Lawsuit Challenges Wildlife Services' Authority to Kill Wolves in Oregon
Conservationists to Challenge Denial of Protections for Imperiled Queen Conch
State and Federal Agencies Still Largely Failing to Protect Prairie Dogs
Guardians Appeals to Overturn Coal Mining in Colorado, Wyoming
'Keep It in the Ground' Rally to Target BLM's Oil, Gas Auction in Cheyenne
Ballots Not Bullets Coalition Statement on Arrest of Ammon Bundy and Other Malheur Refuge Occupiers
Accord Protects Future of Water in San Juan Basin
National Forest in Arizona Challenged to Protect Wildlife from Motorized Uses
150,000+ Comments Oppose Coal-mining Loophole on Colorado Forest
Banggai Cardinalfish Proposed for Listing Under the Endangered Species Act
Federal Oil and Gas Public Lands Leasing Program Challenged
Obama Administration Stops Coal Sales to Protect Climate
Call to Obama Administration: Keep Our Oil and Gas in the Ground
Parks and Wildlife Commission Chooses Politics over Science
Coalition Calls on Obama Administration to Reject New Coal Sales
Utah Coal Mine Bonding Found Illegal
Three Rare Insects Move Closer to Endangered Species Act Safeguards
Court Orders Idaho to Stop Illegal Trapping of Protected Lynx
America Stands to Benefit from Arch Coal Bankruptcy
Interior Policy Threatens Living Rio Grande
Clash Over Federal Lands Takes a Lawless Turn in Oregon
Struggling Bull Trout Get a Defender in Pacific Northwest
Forest Service takes a hard look at their road system and sees...opportunity?
Coalition Demands No Coal for the Holidays
Conservationists deal blow to Wildlife Services in landmark WA wolf case
Utah National Forest Pushed to Protect Pristine Forests
Feds, States Agree to Conservation Framework to End Federal Protection for Yellowstone Grizzlies
Obama Administration Delays DC Fossil Fuel Auction Under Pressure from Climate Activists
'Keep It in the Ground' Rally in Reno to Target BLM's Oil and Gas Auction in Nevada
Rare Sharks, Skates, and Rays Proposed for Endangered Species Act Safeguards
New Interactive Maps Bolster Need for Obama Administration to Keep our Coal in the Ground
Climate Activists Call on President Obama to Cancel Fossil Fuel Auction Coinciding with Paris Climate Talks
Public Land Exchange Challenged to Ensure Living Rio Grande
Interior Secretary Urged to Reject Federal Coal Mine Plans
Forest Service Revs Up Push to Open Over 170 Million Tons of Coal to Mining from Colorado Roadless Forest
'Keep It in the Ground' Victory: BLM Utah Halts Oil and Gas Lease Sale
'Keep It in the Ground' Rally to Target BLM's Oil, Gas Auction in Utah
Agreement Paves Way for Protection of Popular Colorado National Forest
Protesters Tell Feds to "Keep it in the Ground" at Colorado Oil and Gas Auction
Collaboration and Restoration on the Gila National Forest
Protections for Endangered Jumping Mouse Withstand Legal Challenge from Cattlemen
"Keep it in the Ground" Rally to Target BLM's Oil and Gas Auction in Colorado
Groups to Obama: Keep It in the Ground
Guardians Calls for an End to Fracking on Public Lands
Forest Restoration Challenged in New Mexico
Montana Coal Mining Found Illegal
Wildlife Advocates, Scientists Call on Interior Secretary Jewell to Hasten Release of Endangered Mexican Wolves in New Mexico
To Protect Climate, Groups Appeal Obama Administration's Largest Coal Mining Plans
Rare Marine Species Protected Under the Endangered Species Act
Agreement Puts Utah Power Plant on Road to Retirement
Feds Deny Desert Tortoises Endangered Species Act Safeguards
Joshua Trees Petitioned for Endangered Species Act Protection
Ruling Opens Door for Greater Protection of the Rio Grande
Rare Fish Proposed for Endangered Species Act Safeguards
Court Approves Settlement to Save Imperiled Lynx from Trapping
Feds Fail Sage Grouse
Regal Fritillary and Northern Bog Lemming Will Be Considered for Protection
Sheep Grazing Disputed to Protect Grizzly Bear and Bighorn
Western Coal Approvals Setting Back Climate Progress
Federal Regulators To Resolve Another Murky Water Problem - Runoff From Forest Roads
Climate Coalition Calls on President Obama to Halt Fossil Fuel Leasing on Public Lands, Oceans
2015 Fire Season One for the Record Books? Not So Much
Wyoming Case Study: Respite From Industry Helps Grouse Populations
Interior Department Called on to Safeguard New Mexico, Keep Coal in the Ground
New Study Shows Feds Slashed Sage Grouse Protections in New Plans
More than 165,000 Deliver A Message to New Mexico Politicians: Stop Fracking in the Greater Chaco
Guardians to Interior Department: Keep our Coal in the Ground
Guardians Rallies to Keep Coal in the Ground
Judge Fails to Halt Fracking in Greater Chaco
WildEarth Guardians Releases Plan to End Coal Mining, Safeguard the Climate
Wildlife Services' Wildlife Killing Program Dealt Blow By Federal Appeals Court
Major Road reclamation Project Approved on Montana Public Lands
Coal on Trial in Montana
U.S. Interior Department to Hear From Public Tomorrow about Federal Coal Policy
Groups Sue U.S. for Failure to Prosecute Under the Endangered Species Act
WildEarth Guardians Calls on U.S. Interior Secretary to be Honest with Craig, Colorado
Angelsharks Proposed for Endangered Species Act Listing
Montana Approves Restrictions on Trapping to Save Imperiled Lynx
Interior Department Agrees to Address Climate Impacts of Coal Mining
Wildlife Must Be Protected From Snowmobiles
Groups file suit to protect Mexican gray wolves
Guardians Challenges Massive Mining Plans in Western U.S.
Conservationists Launch Protests Against Weak Sage Grouse Plans
Wyoming plan the Achilles' heel of federal sage grouse effort
Navajo and Environmental Groups Take the Greater Chaco Fracking Fight to BLM's Farmington Office
Federal sage grouse plans key to sage grouse recovery, but may fall short
Guardians Calls on Forest Service to Abandon Arch Coal Loophole
Rio Grande Levee Lawsuit Expanded to Protect Imperiled Cuckoo
Better Protection for Grizzly, Wolverine and Lynx Needed on Montana National Forest
Off Road Plan Disputed on Montana National Forest
Groups Seek to Stop Unstudied Chaco Fracking
Colorado Coal Mining Found Illegal
Sheep Won't Graze at Government Station This Summer
New Report: Rocky Mountains, Climate Threatened by U.S. Interior Department Fracking Lease Sales
Conservation Groups Ask New Mexico Game Commission to Oppose Cougar Trapping Proposal
Obama Administration Public Lands Fracking Plans to Unleash as Much Carbon Pollution as a Coal-fired Power Plant
Clear Cut Logging in Colorado Challenged to Protect Lynx
Feds Backtrack On Protecting Bi-State Sage-Grouse
Obama Administration Coal Plans to Fuel Exports, Global Warming
Forest Plan Challenged for Inadequate Mono Basin Sage Grouse Protections
Forest Service Moves to Permit Bulldozing in Colorado Roadless Forest for Dirty Coal
Guardians Appeals to Overturn Public Lands Fracking in Idaho
Utah Coal-fired Power Plants Threatening Clean Air
Porbeagle Sharks Move One Step Closer to Legal Protections
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Still Failing to Recover Imperiled Mexican Wolves
New Mexico Court of Appeals Declares Atmosphere To Be Public Trust Resource Entitled to Constitutional Protection
Nearly 100 Groups Call on Congress to Reign in Impacts from Fracking
Climate Denial at U.S. Interior Department Challenged
Conservationists Protest Disease-Spreading Elk Feeding in Gros Ventre as Chronic Wasting Disease Moves Closer
Utah May Fail First Test of State Sage-grouse Conservation Plan
Groups File Suit to Protect Greater Chaco Region From Dangerous Fracking
Conservationists Challenge Wildlife Services' Authority to Kill Wolves in Washington
Rare "Living Fossil" Closer to Legal Protections
Wildlife Advocates Vow to Keep Pushing for Ban on Killing Contests
Colorado Oil and Gas Task Force Fails To Protect Families and Communities from Fracking
"Coloradans Against Fracking" Urges Statewide Ban on the Dangerous Gas and Oil Extraction Method
Suit Filed to Ensure Rio Grande's Right to Roam
BLM Reverses Course by Proposing Key Sage Grouse Habitat for Oil and Gas Development
New Mexico Senate Passes Bill to Ban Coyote Killing Contests
Lawsuit Challenges Government's Large-scale Wildlife Killing in Idaho
Death of Protected Grand Canyon Wolf Confirmed
WildEarth Guardians Joins Broad-based Coalition in Unveiling "Don't Frack Denver" Campaign
Humboldt-Toiyabe Sage Grouse Plan Mixes Strong Protections, Loopholes
Conservation Organizations' Objection to Hundreds of Helicopter Landings in Tonto National Forest Wilderness
Colorado Coal Production Continued Slide in 2014
Eighth Annual Prairie Dog Conservation Report Card Released
Proposed Piñon Pipeline Draws Huge Outpouring of Opposition
Will the Forest Service's Final Winter Travel Management Rule Protect Wildlife?
National Grassland Defended from Fracking
Extreme Logging Plan Challenged in Arizona
Senior Colorado Grouse Scientist, Conservationists Challenge Inadequate Gunnison Sage-Grouse Protections
BLM Farmington Holds Pipeline Public Meeting
Guardians Targets Toxic Air Pollution from Fracking
Air Pollution from Utah Coal-fired Power Plant Targeted
BLM Defers Fracking Near New Mexico's Sacred Chaco Canyon
Rio Grande Lawsuit Refocused
Transparency and Policy Reform Demanded of Interior
Ban Sought on New Mexico's Wildlife-killing Contests
Fracking Along Colorado Front Range Threatens Clean Air, Climate
New Study Finds That Grass Height Drives Sage Grouse Nest Success
Feds Refuse to Protect Sharks
Rare Marine Species Move Closer to Protections Under the Endangered Species Act
Feds to Rein in Toxic Air Pollution at Coal Mines
Rare Sawfish Protected Under the Endangered Species Act
Grand Canyon Wolf Named "Echo" in World-wide Contest
Budget rider undermines sage grouse protection efforts
Defense Bill Threatens Greater Sage Grouse With Free Pass for Livestock on Public Lands
Clean Air in Western U.S. at Risk from Fracking
Endangered Mexican Gray Wolf Rule Would Hinder Species Recovery
BLM Says No to Killing Contest on BLM Lands
Gray Wolf Confirmed Near Grand Canyon
New "Test for Success" Challenges Colorado Oil and Gas Task Force To Protect Families and Communities from Fracking
Speculative Water Grab Threatens Clean Water in the San Juan Basin
A Win for Sharks
Conservationists Challenge Failure to Protect Habitat for Imperiled Canada Lynx
Conservationists Sue to Stop Wolf and Coyote Killing Contest
Drilling Project Proposed in Red Desert's Adobe Town Potential Wilderness Draws Controversy
Sage Grouse Scientist, Conservationists Challenge Feds' Failure to Adequately Protect the Gunnison Sage Grouse
National Forest Watersheds In The West Get Long Overdue Boost
Feds Refuse to Share Information to Protect Rare Wildlife
Gray Wolf Spotted in Grand Canyon National Park for First Time in Over 70 Years
Groups Call for Fracking Moratorium in Four Corners
Two Rare Prairie Butterflies Given Protections to Escape Extinction
Resource Protection and Quiet Prevail in National Forest
Groups in Court Today to Argue for Cleaner Air in Utah's Uinta Basin
Plan to Lease Santa Fe National Forest for Oil and Gas Drilling Risks Community Health and Cultural Resources
Hunters and Conservationists Join Forces to Protect Imperiled Wolverines
EPA Agrees to Fix Flawed Clean Air Plan for Xcel Coal-fired Power Plant
Green Groups Call on U.S. Interior, Ag Departments to Rein in Carbon Pollution
Streamside Habitat for Imperiled Mouse Harmed by Cattle Grazing
Guardians Calls on Court to Overturn San Juan Coal Mining in New Mexico
Imperiled Rio Grande Fish Needs Protection
Imperiled by Climate Change, Rare Northern Bog Lemming Needs Protections
Guardians Calls for Cancellation of Mancos Shale Fracking in Northwestern New Mexico
71,500 People Speak Out for Endangered Mexican Gray Wolves
Settlement Agreement Protects Endangered Florida Panthers
Court Strikes Down Loophole Allowing Road Construction for Coal Mines in Colorado Backcountry
Conservationists to Challenge Insufficient Lynx Habitat Protection
Community Presentations on Gunnison Sage Grouse Conservation Announced
Rare Lynx Finally Gain Federal Protection Throughout The U.S.
WildEarth Guardians Sues to Protect Jemez Mountains Salamander
Lawsuit Launched to Stop Out-of-control Wildlife Killing by Secretive Federal Agency in Idaho
Guardians Challenges Interior Department Failure to Protect Climate from Coal
Pawnee National Grassland to be Spared from Fracking
USDA's Controversial Wildlife Services Refuses to Help Endangered Ocelot
Federal Protections Proposed for Imperiled Nassau Grouper
Utah May Fail First Test of State's Sage Grouse Conservation Plan
Guardians Calls on Court to Block Public Lands Coal Mining in Northwest Colorado
Conservation Group and Rancher Strike Deal to Protect Greater Gila Lands
Water Accountability Sought for Rio Grande
Scorecard Grades Feds on Following Their Own Scientists' Recommendations for Protecting Greater Sage Grouse
WildEarth Guardians Calls for Shutdown of District's Water Bank
Broad Alliance of Conservationists to Sue Feds Over Wolverine
Fish and Wildlife Service Plays Politics With Wolverine Survival
Clean Air, Climate Endangered by Fossil Fuels in Wyoming's Powder River Basin
Guardians Files Suit for Clean Air in Utah, Other States
'Save the Last Dance'
Climate in Danger as Interior Moves to Sell Coal for Exports in Colorado
Federal Court Decision Upholds Protections for Wildlife, Streams, Quiet Recreation in New Mexico's Santa Fe National Forest
Feds Take Two Steps Forward One Step Back on Mexican Wolf Recovery
Federal Coal Exports Costing Public, Fueling Climate Change
WildEarth Guardians Seeks New Course for the Rio Grande
Report Finds U.S. Interior Department's Fossil Fuel Program Costing Climate Billions
Conservation Groups Applaud Federal Planning Effort on Gunnison Sage Grouse
WildEarth Guardians Demands Leadership from Interior
Advocates Say Streams Must Be Protected to Recover Jumping Mouse
New Mexico Governor and Republican 2016 Favorite Suggests Privatizing Public Lands
Bull Trout Harmed by Years of Agency Inaction
Settlement Opens Door for Clean Energy at Colorado Coal-fired Power Plant
Grizzly Bears to Benefit From Closing Costly, Anachronistic Federal Sheep Station in Idaho
Amended Nevada-California Forest Plan for Imperiled Grouse Released
First Shark Species Listed Under the Endangered Species Act
Three Rare Parrot Species Protected under the Endangered Species Act
Guardians Demands Interior Department Cancel Coal Sale for Exports
Lawsuit Filed to Protect Rare Lynx From Traps in Idaho
Court Decision Protects Colorado Backcountry From Coal Mining, Safeguards Climate
Groups File Notice of Intent to Sue Over Sheep Experiment Station
New Report: Local Regulations Inadequate to Protect Gunnison Sage Grouse
Lawsuit Filed Over Inadequate Protections for Lesser Prairie Chicken
Forest Service Releases Inadequate Draft Winter Recreational Management Rule
New Federal Policy on Gunnison Sage Grouse a Belated Step Forward
Water Acquisition Program Endorsed for Rio Grande
Colorado Shields Pristine Forest Waters
Extremely Rare New Mexico Meadow Jumping Mouse Listed as Endangered
Imperiled Tortoises Take Step Toward Legal Protections
Tonto National Forest Pushes Plan for 3,700 Miles of Off-road Vehicle Routes
Five Sturgeon Species Gain Endangered Species Act Protection
Lawsuit to Stop Massive Expansion of Off-road Vehicle Trails in Florida's Big Cypress National Preserve Moves Forward
Pollution Threatens Clean Water on Eastern Plains of Colorado
Western Colorado Coal Mine Expansion Threatens Clean Air, Climate
New 5,000-well Fracking Project Threatens Sage Grouse, Climate
Guardians Joins 65 Environmental and Community Groups in Demanding Federal Limits on Toxic Oil & Gas Well Air Pollution
Suit Filed to Protect Wildlife, Clean Air and Water from Fracking on Utah's Ashley National Forest
Feds Initiate New Measures to Protect Imperiled Gunnison Sage Grouse
Coalition Calls on Interior Department to Reject Utah Coal Lease
Utah Coal-fired Power Plant Finally Faces Clean Air Clean-up
WildEarth Guardians Files Suit for Clean Water in Denver
Suit Filed Challenging Denial of Protections for Gunnison's Prairie Dogs
Red Desert Advocates: BLM Should Seize Opportunity to Protect Red Desert Wilderness Gems
Toxic Air Pollution at Coal Mines Targeted
Guardians Calls for no Fracking in Imperiled Sage Grouse Habitat in Colorado
Conservation Groups Challenge Limited Protections for Lesser Prairie Chicken
Guardians Calls on U.S. Interior Appeals Board to Reverse Coal Export Approval in Colorado
Wildlife Groups Seek to Protect Endangered Jaguar's Critical Habitat
Unprecedented Loopholes Undermine Endangered Species Act Protections for Lesser Prairie Chicken
WildEarth Guardians' in Court Tomorrow Challenging Coal Mine Climate Pollution
Despite Population Crash, Wyoming Grouse Plan Weakens Protections
Coalition to BLM: No New Coal Mine in Colorado
Federal Power Agency Subsidizing Coal, Shirking Environmental Reviews
Colorado Coal Mine Expansion to Fuel Climate Exports
Feds Protect Habitat for Jaguars in the United States
10 Year Restoration Plan Environmental Analysis Released by Santa Fe National Forest
Coal Mining Threatens Imperiled Sage Grouse With Extinction in Western U.S.
Rare Marine Species Need Protections to Avoid Extinction
Hector's Dolphin, Other Marine Mammals Need Protection to Avoid Extinction
Conservation Groups, Forest Service Agree to Strengthen Fracking Safeguards for 1.7 Million Acres of So Utah National Forests
WildEarth Guardians Calls on Interior Department to Cancel Illegally Sold Federal Coal Leases
Colorado Coal Mines Took Lumps in 2013
Lesser Prairie Chicken Should be Listed as Endangered
Eighteen Conservation Groups Give Gov. Hickenlooper Input on State Water Plan
Nevada Sagebrush Bill: Not Enough for Grouse Conservation
Beaver Populations Dangerously Low in New Mexico Mountains
Guardians Petitions U.S. Coal Mining Agency to Stop Sidestepping Environmental Reviews
Breaking: Independent Peer Review Concludes Wolf Delisting Proposal Does Not Represent the Best Available Science
Conservation Groups Urge Governor Martinez to Remove Bidegain, Espinosa from New Mexico Game Commission
Failed Water Management Strategies Continue to Doom Rio Grande
New Report Finds Federal Coal Leasing Failing American Public, Climate: Guardians Calls for Halt to Sales
Seventh Annual Prairie Dog Report Card Released
Caribbean Electric Ray Will Be Considered for Endangered Species Act Listing
Public Health and Environmental Coalition Calls for Immediate Smog Clean up on Colorado's Western Slope
Federal Grouse Plan for Utah is Far Too Weak
Farm Bill To Amend Clean Water Act
Diverse Group of Species May be Threatened with Extinction
Rio Grande to Benefit from New Water Acquisition Program
Water Management in Colorado At Fault for Declining Plight of the Rio Grande
Down, but Not Out
Rio Grande Needs Peak Flows to Survive
New Mexico Legislator Encourages Proper Beaver Management for Climate Adaptation
Jaguarundi--Rare, Beautiful Gulf Coast Cat--Receives Roadmap to Recovery
Conservation, Animal Welfare Groups to Forest Service: Reject Prairie Dog Poisonings on Thunder Basin
WildEarth Guardians Court Ruling Opens Door for Climate Accountability
Conservationists Conclude Wyoming Federal Sage Grouse Plan is "Wishy-washy," "Inadequate"
Conservationists Sue to Stop Wolf and Coyote Killing Contest on Public Lands
Guardians Files Suit to Safeguard Clean Air, Climate from Utah Coal-fired Power Plant
Guardians Calls on Interior Department to Abandon New Mexico Coal Mining Plans
Guardians Seeks Greater Fracking Safeguards in Southern Utah's Mountains and Canyons
One Million Americans Speak Out Against Stripping Federal Protections From Wolves
Colorado Footdragging Giving Tri-State a Free Pass to Pollute at Coal-fired Power Plant
Feds Propose Blank Check for Lesser Prairie Chicken Habitat Destruction
Eleven "Tarantulas" Will Be Considered for Endangered Species Act Listing
Guardians Will Challenge Denial of Protections for Gunnison's Prairie Dogs
Colorado Fracking Rules Promise Cleaner Air, but Governor's Plan Falls Short of Safeguarding Public Health
WildEarth Guardians Puts Feds on Notice As Salamander Gets Critical Habitat
Utah Environmental Congress to Merge with WildEarth Guardians
Gunnison's Prairie Dogs Denied Endangered Species Act Protections
Lewistown, Montana proposed sage grouse plan protects industries, not grouse
California-Nevada Sage Grouse Plan Amendments Get Mixed Review
Federal Sage Grouse Plan in Utah Leaves Birds at Risk
Montana-Idaho Sage Grouse Plan Criticized For Lacking Specifics
Five Sturgeon Species to Gain Endangered Species Act Protection
WildEarth Guardians Thwarts Peabody Coal Plans for Largest Mine in New Mexico
WildEarth Guardians Targets Dangerously Dirty Skies in Seven Western States
Groups Act to Halt Habitat Destruction in Douglas Sage Grouse Core Area
Guardians Presses Case Against Coal Mine Pollution
Guardians to Federal Court: Stop Illegal Coal Mining
Anniversary of Clean Water Act Sparks New Effort
New Mexico Supreme Court Upholds Sweeping Water Protections
WildEarth Guardians Calls on Colorado to Stop Delaying Fracking Rules, Start Cutting Air Pollution
WildEarth Guardians Appeals to Ninth Circuit
Rare Arizona Cacti Receive Much-Needed Endangered Species Act Protections
Conservation group calls for stronger protection for North Dakota sage grouse
Conservation Groups Seek Endangered Species Act Protection for Two Tortoises
WildEarth Guardians Seeks Endangered Species Act Protection for Rio Grande Chub
Conservation group calls for stronger sage grouse protections in Powder River Basin
New Mexico: Land of Entrapment
Ten Sturgeon Species Move Toward Endangered Species Act Protection
WildEarth Guardians in Court Today Against Salt Lake City's Largest Polluter
WildEarth Guardians Sues Federal Wildlife-Killing Agency
U.S. Interior Department Rejects Bid for Powder River Basin Coal Lease
Guardians Petitions for Federal Protection for the Scott Lake Riffle Beetle
WildEarth Guardians Fights for Cleaner Air in Utah's Uinta Basin
U.S. Interior Department Still Leasing More Coal, Despite Industry Rejection, Climate Implications
WildEarth Guardians Joins Forces with Wildlands CPR
Precedent Setting Water Grab Would Dewater Rio Grande Through Albuquerque
Forest Service Modernizes Some Rules for Watershed Restoration
New Mexico Endemic Salamander Finally Receives Endangered Status
Coalition of Archaeological and Environmental Groups: Save Chaco Canyon from Drilling and Fracking
2013 Fire Season in New Mexico Below Normal
Groups Sue Feds for Failure to Prosecute Endangered-Wildlife Kills
Powder River Basin Coal Lease Sale Canceled
Water Storage Space Secured to Sustain Flows in the Rio Grande
New Mexico: Land of Enchantment? More like Land of Entrapment
U.S. Interior Department Leasing More Coal Despite President's Climate and Clean Energy Commitments
Pioneering Climate Change Lawsuit To Reduce Natural Gas Leaks From Oil & Gas Operations Moves to Court of Appeals
Advocates Challenge Feds' Failure to Protect Imperiled Marine Species
Groups to U.S. Interior Secretary: New Coal Leasing Portends More Exports, Fleeced Taxpayers, Climate Change
Guardians Presses Case Against Coal Mine Pollution
WildEarth Guardians Launches Major Campaign to Protect Marine Biodiversity
Coal Company Threatening to Bulldoze, Drill Colorado's Mountain Backcountry
Settlement Opens the Door for Clean Energy in Southeastern Colorado
Feds Fail to Protect West Coast Great White Sharks
President's Announcement on Climate Change Undermined as More Coal Mining Approved in the American West
WildEarth Guardians Calls for Alternatives to Toxic Poisons Plan on Federal Lands
Rare New Mexico Meadow Jumping Mouse Proposed for Endangered Species Act Listing
Rare New Mexico Meadow Jumping Mouse Proposed for Endangered Species Act Listing
Interior Department Investigation Reveals Corruption in Coal Program
Imperiled Sawfish Species Proposed for Listing Under the Endangered Species Act
Guardians Fights to Protect Four Corners from Coal Pollution
Guardians Decries Colorado Coal Sale
Emergency Drought Response Unveiled by Minnow Action Team
Dusky Sharks Will Be Considered for Endangered Species Act Protection
WildEarth Guardians Challenges EPA to Restore Clean Air in Utah
Guardians Seeks Flows to Sustain Rio Grande
Guardians Calls on BLM to Halt Drilling, Coal Pollution in White River Field Office of Colorado
Guardians Calls for More Aggressive Action to Cut Fracking Pollution in Colorado
Attorneys General From 12 States Support Trapping in Mexican Wolf Habitat
Western Colorado Coal Mine Threatens Clean Air
Congressional Leaders Urge EPA to Reconsider Stand on Coal Mine Pollution
WildEarth Guardians Announces Crowdfunding Partnership with LoveAnimals.org
EPA to Give Coal Industry Another Break on Pollution
EPA Fails To Address Deadly Coal Mine Pollution
Over 135,000 people call on Secretary Jewell to establish moratorium on Powder River coal
Great Hammerhead Sharks Will Be Considered for Endangered Species Act Protection
Federal Protection Sought for Rare Butterfly
Federal Protection Sought for Imperiled Prairie Butterfly
Two Washington Plants Listed Under the Endangered Species Act
Guardians Joins 21 groups calling for moratorium on Powder River coal in letter to new Interior Secretary Sally Jewell
Imperiled Hammerhead Sharks Proposed for Listing Under the Endangered Species Act
Feds to Consider Endangered Species Act Protection for Sperm Whale in the Gulf of Mexico
WildEarth Guardians Joins the National #LoboWeek Movement
Imperiled Canada Lynx Caught in Traps Push the Species Closer to Extinction
Federal Court: Citizens have No Rights to Seek Accountability
Coal Undermining Clean Air in the Powder River Basin
Twentieth Anniversary of ESA Listing for Mexican Spotted Owl Brings New Round of Litigation
Guardians Targets 2,454 Violations of Clean Air Act at Coal-fired Power Plant
Marine Species to be Considered for Endangered Species Act Protection
Rare Parrots Gain Protection under the Endangered Species Act
Clean Air Settlement Brings Clean Energy to North Denver Neighborhoods
Wildlife Protection Groups Urge City of Clovis to Overturn Decision to Kill Wildlife Colonies
Bill to Restrict Cruel, Dangerous Traps and Poisons in New Mexico Fails in Key Committee
WildEarth Guardians Files Suit to Halt Coal Mining in Four Western States
Feds to Consider Humphead Wrasse for Listing
Guardians Challenges Fed's Denial of Protection for Caribbean Electric Ray
WildEarth Guardians Targets Tri-State Dirty Energy Deal
Bill Introduced to Restrict Cruel, Dangerous Traps and Poisons in New Mexico
New Mexico Powering Past Coal
Feds Announce Candidate Species Listing Schedule
State and Federal Agencies Once Again Score Poorly on Prairie Dog Report Card
Coal Mining Threatens Colorado's Mountain Backcountry
Health and Environmental Advocates Aghast at Kennecott's Pro-pollution Stance
Feds Propose Protection for Zuni Bluehead Sucker
Utah Haze Plan Promises More Coal Pollution
Wyoming Plan Promises More Coal Pollution
Gunnison Sage-grouse Proposed for Endangered Species Act Protection with More than 1.7 Million Acres of Critical Habitat
Sharpshooters Win Battle to Cull Rocky Mountain National Park's Elk
Sweeping Water Protections Upheld in New Mexico Appeals Court
Court Ruling Preserves WildEarth Guardians' Landmark Species Settlement Agreement
WildEarth Guardians Appeals Court Order to Protect Mexican Wolves
Reprieve Won for Rocky Flats Wildlife Refuge
Guardians Files Emergency Appeal to Protect Rocky Flats Wildlife Refuge
Advocates Seek Endangered Species Act Listing for Ocean's "Gentle Giants"
Advocates Seek Endangered Species Act Listing for Imperiled Hammerhead Sharks
WildEarth Guardians Sues Federal Wildlife-Killing Agency
Illegal Coal Mining Threatening the Climate, Scamming the Public
Scientists and Groups Call to Save National Park Wolves
Forest Service Approves Livestock Grazing in Mexican Wolf Recovery Area Against a Groundswell of Public Comment
WildEarth Guardians Marks "Wildlife Conservation Day:" Raising Awareness of Illegal Wildlife Trafficking
Feds Propose Lesser Prairie-chicken for Protection
Montanans Celebrate Halting of Wolverine Trapping
Grassroots Conservation Organizations Sue Feds for Delisting Wolves in Wyoming
WildEarth Guardians Sues for Information on Captured Mexican Wolf
Feds Announce Peñasco Least Chipmunk Warrants Protection under Endangered Species Act
Citizens Petition President Obama for Additional National Monuments
Conservationists Petition Feds to Protect Dusky Shark
Dirty and Declining Water Threatens Colorado River Fish
Forest Service OKs Coal Mine Expansion in Colorado Mountain Backcountry
Advocates Seek Federal Protection for One of the World's Largest Reef Fishes
Conservationists Call to Shut Down New Coyote-Killing Contest
Federal Agencies Refuse to Show Public Records Concerning Captured Mexican Wolf
San Juan River Fish at Risk from Coal in the Four Corners
Logging in New Mexico Blocked by WildEarth Guardians
Fox Mountain Loba Captured and Removed from the Wild
Feds Will Consider Imperiled Nassau Grouper for Protection
Destructive Forest Service ORV Plan Upheld
Feds Refuse to Relist Mexican Wolves under the Endangered Species Act
Victory for Clean Air, Clean Energy in Lamar, Colorado
Feds Propose Imperiled Cacti for Protection
Feds Propose Imperiled Insect for Protection
Great White Sharks Swim One Step Closer to Protections
Feds Propose to Protect Rare Nevada Butterflies
Conservation Organizations Petition Feds for Protection for Relocated Prairie Dogs
Feds Propose Rare Cave Fish for Protection
Coal Mine Expansion Threatens Colorado Mountain Backcountry
Sharpshooters but Not Wolves in Rocky Mountain National Park?
Feds Propose Jemez Mountains Salamander for Protection
Grassroots Conservation Organizations Notice Feds of Impending Wolf Litigation
Feds Propose to Protect Texas Plants under Endangered Species Act
WildEarth Guardians Takes Aim at Nevada Dirty Air Plan
Federal Beaver Killing Program Subject of Pending Lawsuit in New Mexico
Feds to Consider Rocky Mountain Monkeyflower for Listing
Saving Sturgeon from Human Appetites
Feds to Consider Queen Conch for Listing
Trapping in Lynx Country Jeopardizes Recovery Efforts
Rare Plant Proposed for Protection Under the Endangered Species Act
Feds Propose Protection for Six Texas Aquatic Invertebrates
Rare Rattlesnake Advances Towards Protection Under the Endangered Species Act
Nevada Butterflies May Warrant Protection
Outside Magazine Names WildEarth Guardians as One of America's Best Places to Work in 2012
Protections for Imperiled Utah Prairie Dogs Improved, but still Lacking
Government Seeks to Dismiss Guardians' Lawsuit Against Wildlife Services
Federal Court Rejects Challenge to 400-Million Ton Coal Lease in Wyoming's Powder River Basin
Legislative Rider Would Deregulate Canned Hunting for African Antelopes
Conservation Groups Seek Endangered Species Protection for an Imperiled Gila River Mayfly
Groups Seek Relief from Smog Pollution in Utah's Uinta Basin
"Cougars of Colorado" Presentations
New Mexico Atmospheric Trust Suit to Proceed on the Merits
Naming Wolves to Conserve Them
Feds List Chupadera Springsnail as "Endangered"
Rare Macaw Species Advance Towards Protection under the Endangered Species Act
WildEarth Guardians Vows to Double Down on Fight to Save Climate from Coal
Judge Allows Climate Change Case to Continue in New Mexico Court
Youth Get Day in Continued Fight for Climate Change Protection
Black-capped Petrel Moves Closer to Federal Protection
The Deadliest Dozen Counties in the American West
Advocates Seek Endangered Species Act Listing for Rare Population of Great White Sharks
Haze Plan for Montana Delays Clean Air for Hundreds of Years
Feds Deny Protection to Dunes Sagebrush Lizard
New Mexico Hires DC Law Firm to Defend Trapping in Lobo Country
WildEarth Guardians Sues Government Wildlife Killing Agency For Documents
Conservationists Advise Western Governors on Sage-Grouse Conservation
Feds: Arapahoe Snowfly Warrants Federal Protection
Report: Wolf Conservation Hijacked by User Groups
Wildlife Services under Fire, Releases Annual Kill Numbers
"We Can't Strip Mine our Way to a Safe Climate"
WildEarth Guardians Sues the Nation's Biggest Wildlife Killer: The Federal Government
Utah Air Pollution Plan Fails to Cut Through the Haze
Feds Reject Protection for Rare New Mexico Flower
Ute Indian Tribe, WildEarth Guardians Join Forces for Clean Air, Public Health in Utah's Uinta Basin
EPA Protects Clean Air Nationwide from Fracking
EPA Slated to Protect Clean Air Nationwide from Fracking
Feds List, Designate Critical Habitat for Imperiled Southwest Springsnails
"The Troubles with Trapping" New Mexican Road Show
Rally-goers Tell US Fish and Wildlife to End the Freeze on Mexican Wolf Releases
Dirty Energy Denied
Animal Advocates, Conservationists Request Amazon.com to Halt Sales of Caviar from Imperiled Sturgeon Species
Montana Air Plan Falls Short of Protecting Big Sky State
Court Upholds Public's Democratic Right to Participate in Government
Feds Designate Critical Habitat for Threatened Chiricahua Leopard Frog
Powder River Basin Sage-grouse at Risk for Extirpation
Federal Appeals Court Upholds Wolf Delisting
Advocates Seek Protection for Fifteen Sturgeon Species
Northwestern New Mexico at Risk from BLM Fracking Plan
Another Dog Caught in Trap in New Mexico
Clean Air Stays on Track in New Mexico
EPA Caves into Coal in North Dakota
WildEarth Guardians Seeks Protection for Imperiled Queen Conch
EPA Objects to Air Pollution Permit for Coal Burning San Juan Generating Station
Guardians Tackles Urban Sprawl in Denver
Destructive Coal Mine Expansion in Colorado Roadless Forest Overturned
Nebraska Counties could Force Landowners to Poison Wildlife
BLM Expands Sage-Grouse Planning Area, Extends Public Comment Period
Colorado Court Halts Forest Service Logging of Beetle Infected Forests
WildEarth Guardians Files Suit to End Trapping in Lobo Country
Federal Mexican Wolf Recovery Program Still Lagging behind Schedule
State and Federal Agencies Score Poorly on Prairie Dog Report Card
Guardians Calls on EPA to Overturn Illegal Coal Permits in Wyoming
Youth Spend Day in Court Fighting for Climate Change Protection
Judge Sarah Singleton Will Hear Climate Change Case
Fossil Fuel Development Taking a Toll on Wildlife
Fossil Fuel Development Taking a Toll on Sage-Grouse and Other Wildlife
Clean Air Settlement to Strengthen Fracking Safeguards in Colorado
New Mexico Clean Air Plan Under Attack by PNM
Feds Refuse $35,000 Offer to Keep Cows off Valles Caldera Preserve
Guardians Files Suit to Rein in Illegal Oil and Gas Industry Air Pollution
Animal Advocates Gain Formal Protection for African Antelopes Captive and Trophy-Hunted in U.S.
States Undervalue Wolves
Federal Court Halts Projects in Arizona and New Mexico that Could Jeopardize Mexican Spotted Owl
Doctors, Moms, Enviros Take Charge of Clean Air in Utah
Aerial Assault on Wildlife Gains Scrutiny
Wildearth Guardians Bid $35,000 to Graze Zero Cows on Valles Caldera National Preserve
3,800 Megawatts of Coal-fired Power in Oklahoma to be Cleaned up or Repowered
Federal Protection Sought for "Moby Dick" in the Gulf of Mexico
Conservationists Optimistic about New Sage-Grouse Conservation Strategy - Urge Agencies to Address Multiple Land Use Threats
U.S. Forest Service Lends Hand in Fueling Global Warming in U.S.
Conservation Groups Challenge U.S. Forest Service's Plan for Dirty Coal
Republicans Renew Attack on Endangered Species Act
WildEarth Guardians to File Suit Against Suncor over Denver Oil Spill
Fish and Wildlife Service Delays Final Listing Decision for Dunes Sagebrush Lizard
South Dakota Clean Air Plan Promises Major Cuts in Toxic Coal Pollution
Imperiled Hammerhead Sharks will be Considered for Endangered Species Act Protection
Coal Mines Clouding America's Air
WildEarth Guardians Calls on EPA to Strengthen Cleanup of North Dakota Haze
U.S. Interior Department, Forest Service Continue to Ignore Global Warming
Voluntary Grazing Permit Retirement Legislation Introduced in Congress
Settlement Turns up Pressure on Air Pollution from Fracking, Other Oil and Gas Operations
Lesser Prairie Chicken in Line for Federal Protection
Mountain Lion Mothers & Kittens a Little Safer Today
Latest Haze Agreement Crowns Certainty for Clean Air, Clean Energy in West
Obama Administration OKs Coal Mine Expansion in Colorado Roadless Area
New Mexicans Urge Governor to "Hear the Music" and Stop Polluting
New Mexicans "Die In" at PNM
Sen. Max Baucus Proposes to Use Drones to "Manage" Wolves, Native Carnivores
Public Backs Dunes Sagebrush Lizard Protection
Communities for a Better Environment, WildEarth Guardians Target Poisonous Air Pollution
Utah Withdraws Flawed Particulate Matter Pollution Plans for Wasatch Front
Santa Feans Rally to Transcend PNM Coal
WildEarth Guardians Targets Dangerously Dusty Skies in Eight Western States
Fish and Wildlife Service Announces 2011 Candidate Species List
WildEarth Guardians Champions the Rio Grande's Right to its own Water
Conservationists Seek Emergency Injunction of Wolf Hunts
Citizens to Speak out in Favor of North Dakota Clean Air Plan
WildEarth Guardians Awarded Funds for Jemez Mountains Restoration
Westerners Join Others Across the Country in Calling on EPA to Keep Air Safe from Fracking
Beaver to the Rescue
Record Fires of 2011 Studied for Impacts
WildEarth Guardians Leads the Charge Against Smog
Federal Court Approves Historic Species Agreement
Press Conference Announcing Citizen Forum:
New Mexico Congressman Plans to Defy Law, Cut Trees on National Forest
Report Finds 80% of All Westerners at Greater Risk Because of Abandoned Clean Air Plans
Group Commemorates Passenger Pigeon's Extinction, Requests Protection for Another Imperiled Bird Species
North Dakota on Track for Cleaner Air
Guardians Appeals to Hold Xcel Accountable
Wolf Hunting to Commence in Idaho and Montana
Ninth Circuit Denies Motion to Bar Wolf Hunting in Northern Rockies
Guardians Files Settlement to Kick Start to Rein in Deadly Particulate Pollution
Pueblo Steel Mill Threatens Clean Air, Public Health
WildEarth Guardians Calls on EPA to Strengthen Clean Air Plan for Nevada
Groups Petition Feds to Protect Four Imperiled Skates
Catron County Uranium Exploration Application Withdrawn
Interior Department Coal Leasing Continues to Threaten the Climate
Clean Air Settlement to Tackle Smog in Phoenix
Groups Seek Protection for Imperiled Hammerhead Sharks
Three Rare Parrot Species will be Protected under the Endangered Species Act
Gulf Coast Fish will be Considered for Endangered Species Act Protection
WildEarth Guardians to Sue Kennecott Over Clean Air Violations
Federal Wolf-Trapping Study Released
Clean Air Plan for San Juan Generating Station Finalized
DU law students seek protection for predator during "Shark Week"
Feds Agree to Consider Four of Six Sand Dune Beetles for Protection
WildEarth Guardians Scores Victory for Clean Air in New Mexico
EPA Slated to Finalize Clean Air Plan for San Juan Generating Station
Feds Propose to List Chupadera Springsnail as "Endangered"
EPA to Curb Air Pollution from Oil and Gas Drilling Nationwide
EPA Slated to Protect Clean Air Nationwide from Oil and Gas Drilling
BLM Announces New Sage-Grouse Conservation Strategy
Game and Fish Department Colludes with Industry Groups
Feds Deny Protection to Rare Grand Canyon Invertebrate
Game and Fish Department Enlarges Trapping Across New Mexico
Forest Residents Call on Supervisor to Issue Immediate Closure
A Further Boost for Endangered Species Act Candidates
Feds Declare Largetooth Sawfish an "Endangered" Species
Imperiled Skipper Takes First Step toward Federal Protection
House Appropriations Subcommittee Attempts to Gut the Endangered Species Act
Feds Count Livestock Losses Differently in the Northern Rockies
Interior Withdraws Appeals on Prairie Dog Cases
Settlement Brings Hope for Clean Air and a Safe Climate in the West
Republicans Launch Attacks on Endangered Species Act
Politicians Yell "Fire" in Arizona
Fish and Wildlife Service Decides One of Five Imperiled Plants Warrants Protection
Grazing Legislation a Gift to Public Lands Ranchers
WildEarth Guardians to Challenge Business as Usual at BLM
Bitter Lake National Wildlife Refuge Receives Stronger Safeguards through the Endangered Species Act
Service Shies Away from Meaningful Protections for Rarest U.S. Prairie Dog
WildEarth Guardians Files Suit to Protect Clean Air from PNM's San Juan Generating Station
Rare Texas Lizard Could Gain Endangered Status
Groups Formally Call Upon New Mexican Officials to Ban Traps
Government Report: Less Than 1% of Cattle Killed by Native Carnivores and Domestic Dogs
Coalition Offers Reward in Case of Wolf Illegally Poisoned in Colorado
Hope for Endangered Species Act Candidates
Cattle Growers Fight Clean Water Rules in New Mexico
Conservation Groups Challenge Wolf Delisting Rider
Group Charges Pearce with Perpetrating Hoax over Lizard Listing
Interior Withdraws Illegal Endangered Species Memo
Lawsuit Challenges Uranium Development in New Mexico
Arapahoe Snowfly on the Brink of Extinction
Conservation groups oppose "Scorched Earth" Border Patrol plan for Rio Grande
Easter Bunny: Hopping Toward Extinction?
A Step Up for Wolves in the Southwest, on the Heels of Setbacks Up North
Conservation Groups Set for Showdown Over West Fork Wolves
EPA to Sanction Utah for Illegal Clean Air Loophole
Prairie Fish Swims Upstream Towards Federal Protection
Imperiled Arizona Springsnails Proposed for Federal Protection
WildEarth Guardians Scores Victories for Clean Energy
Glaciers & Extinction: Ultimate Climate Change Victim Latest ESA Candidate
Groups to Interior Department: Put Clean Energy First
March Madness Mascots in Danger of Disappearing?
Harmful New Mexico Forest Road Plan Blocked
Groups Decry Salazar's Dirty Energy Giveaway
WildEarth Guardians Files Second Lawsuit Against Lamar Coal-fired Power Plant
Sticking Up for Wolves in the Northern Rockies
Endangered Frog Hops Toward Greater Habitat Protections
Texas Kangaroo Rat Could Gain Endangered Status
3,800 Megawatts of Coal-fired Power in Oklahoma Set to be Cleaned up or Repowered
Western Colorado Coal Mine Threatens Climate, Clean Air
Three Utah Plants Take Spots in Federal Waiting Line
Rare Washington State Moth May Get Endangered Species Act Protection
Hikers Encounter Coyote Crushed in Leg-hold Trap Groups Call for Trapping Reforms
Reckless Greenwood Village Coyote Killing Resumes
Four Corners Plan Falls 75% Short of Clean Air
BLM's Waste Of Oil And Gas Resources Sparks Legal Challenge Against Federal Leases
Government Agencies Are Failing the Prairie Dog Test
Bureau of Land Management Pulls out Smoke and Mirrors in Coal Controversy
Rate Increase Request Saddles New Mexico With Debt and Pollution
WildEarth Guardians Joins Coalition to Protect People and Parks in the West
Clean Air at Risk from Expanded Oil and Gas Drilling Along Colorado's Front Range
Obama Administration Refuses to Reform Public Lands Grazing Fee
Traps Ensnare Hiker and Dogs
WildEarth Guardians Files Suit to Keep Particulate Pollution in Check Nationwide
Clean Air Plan Targets Coal-fired Facilities in Idaho
NM Cattle Growers Petition Regulators to Revoke State's Clean Water Rules
Investigation Shows Colorado Wolf Killed by Illegal Poisoning
EPA Proposes to Disapprove Weak Montana Clean Air Rules
Good News for Moby Dick At Close of International Year of Biodiversity
Clean Air Plan for Coal-fired San Juan Generating Station Proposed
Environmental Protection Agency Poised to Release Clean Air Plan for Coal-fired San Juan Generating Station
Telluride MountainFilm on Tour 2011
After 37 Year Delay Thick-Billed Parrot to Get ESA Recovery Plan
Two Colorado Plants Put Back in Federal Waiting Line
Front Range rivers and streams to receive added protection from Endangered Species Act habitat protections
Victory Over Coal!
Tortoise Takes Place in Line for Federal Listing
Sand Dune Lizard Proposed for Federal Protection
Citizens' Groups File Notice of Intent to Sue for Poudre River Species, Arapahoe Snowfly
New Mexico Makes Conservation History With Sweeping Water Protections
Waste from Oil and Gas Drilling in Rocky Mountain West Costing U.S. Millions
Methane Reductions from Oil and Natural Gas Industry Could Save More than $1 Billion
Interior Secretary Salazar Fights Upgraded Protections for Rarest U.S. Prairie Dog
Presidential Pardon Requested for Endangered Western Grouse
Interior Secretary Continues to Oppose Prairie Dog Protection
WildEarth Guardians Takes Aim at Air Pollution Permit for PNM's San Juan Generating Station
Environmental Protection Agency Proposes Air Quality Sanctions Against Utah
Conservation Groups, DU Law Clinic Rally for Wolves in Colorado
Federal Endangered Species Listing Program Still Lags
Plans to Shutdown Four Corners Power Plant Units Falls Short of Protecting Clean Air
WildEarth Guardians Calls on Interior Department to Look Before Leasing
Game Agency Defies Governor, Game Commission
Wetlands Thistle Earns Spot in Endangered Species Waiting Line
Conservationists Challenge Grazing in Bodie Hills to Protect Mono Basin Sage-Grouse
Game Commission Sets Arbitrary Cougar Quotas
WildEarth Guardians' Halloween Blitz for Endangered Animals
Talking Prairie Dogs in Santa Fe
Wildlife Services Exterminates Over 4.1 Million Animals in 2009
Game & Fish's Kill Quotas for Cougars, Disastrous
Gunnison's Prairie Dog Gets Second Chance at Federal Shields
Utah Prairie Dog Court Victory
Groups Press For Federal Protection for Lynx in New Mexico
Feds Find Gunnison Sage-grouse Imperiled, but Deny ESA Protection
Rare Border Cat Will Get Federal Plan for Recovery
WildEarth Guardians Challenges Failure of New Mexico Environment Department to Safeguard Clean Air from Oil and Gas Drilling in
Conservation Groups Seek Endangered Species Protection for an Imperiled Gila River Mayfly
Group Takes Action for Nine Texas Mussels
Rare Grassland Bird Added to Endangered Species Act Waitlist
WildEarth Guardians Takes Aim at North Dakota Clean Air Loopholes
Conservation Organizations Win Right to Grazing Permittee Information
Water Commission to Consider Permanent Protection for New Mexico's Headwater Streams and Wild National Forests
Troubled Salamander Gets in Line for Federal Protection
Group Marks First Passenger Pigeon Day
Coalition Expands Call for Solutions to Climate Change in Powder River Basin
WildEarth Guardians Launches Series of Actions For Gulf Species
Game & Fish Proposes Radical Killing Quotas for Cougars & Bears
WildEarth Guardians and REI Team Up for Youth and Rivers
Border Cats Need More Protection
Breathing New Life Into Mexican Wolves
Shielding Birds From International Cage Trade
Governor Stands Up For Mexican Wolves
Groups Target Revolving Door Between Government and Oil and Gas Industry in New Mexico
WildEarth Guardians Seeks EPA Intervention to Halt Illegal Oil and Gas Air Permitting in Colorado
Safeguards Sought for Endangered Jumping Mouse
WildEarth Guardians Challenges Failure of Xcel Coal Plant to Safeguard Clean Air, Climate
WildEarth Guardians Ramps up Efforts to Safeguard Clean Air from Lamar, Colorado Coal-fired Power Plant
Conservation Coalition Steps up Call for Clean Energy in Powder River Basin of Wyoming
Feds Deny Protection for Endangered Porbeagle Shark
New Lawsuit Filed to Protect Sage Grouse Under Endangered Species Act
Mountain Plover moves closer to Endangered Species Act protection
Conservation in the Land of Enchantment
WildEarth Guardians' Sues Feds to Save the Mexican Spotted Owl
Coalition Calls on EPA to Set National Limits on Air Pollution from U.S. Coal Mines
Over 100 Scientists & Conservation Groups Call for Salazar's Resignation
Groups Request End to Trapping & Snaring in Mexican Wolf Habitat in NM
Rare Southwestern Thistle Retains Protection
Art Auction for Wolves
Colorado Group Urges Ken Salazar to Stay in Colorado
Onshore Oil and Gas Leasing Reforms Fall Short of Separating Fox from Henhouse
Conservationists Aghast at Ag Department's Decision to Gas Colorado Roadless Area
WildEarth Guardians Calls on New Mexico to Safeguard the Climate, Tackle Greenhouse Gases from PNM's San Juan Generating Station
Prehistoric Sawfish Proposed for Endangered Status
Conservation Coalition Calls for Clean Energy in Powder River Basin of Wyoming
Head Texan Fearful of a Lone Coyote
WildEarth Guardians Files Suit Over Powder River Basin Coal Mining
48 Species Will Finally, Finally Get Protection in President's Home State
Out West, Obama Administration Gives Big Coal a Free Pass
Arapahoe Snowfly on the Brink of Extinction
Bumphead Parrotfish Progresses Toward Federal Protection
WildEarth Guardians Challenges Foolishness of Fossil Fuels, Takes aim at North Denver Coal Plant
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Denies Extinction Crisis
Court Rejects Conservancy District's Efforts to Claim Ownership of Rio Grande Water and Dams
WildEarth Guardians Wins on Challenge to Xcel Energy Coal Plant Permit
WildEarth Guardians Challenges Failure of Boulder Coal Plant Permit to Safeguard Clean Air, Climate
BLM Agrees to Suspend 41,000 Acres of Oil and Gas Leases to Protect Climate
New Mexico revokes $30 million in Clean Energy Tax Breaks from Forest Biomass Company
Conservation Groups Call on Interior Secretary to Protect Clean Air in Rocky Mountain National Park
48 Species Will Finally Get Protection in President's Home State
Clean Air Suit Against Xcel's Comanche 3 Coal-fired Boiler Gets Green Light
Mono Basin Area Sage Grouse Need Federal Protection
WildEarth Guardians Seeks to Safeguard Clean Air, Climate from Xcel's Pawnee Coal-fired Power Plant
Conservation Groups Ask Federal Agencies to Require Nation's Biggest National Park Polluter to Clean up
Moby Dick Versus the Federal Government
Federal Court Rules New Mexico Clean Air Lawsuit Can Move Forward
Valentine's Day is Not Just About Roses
Welcome Back, Wolves!
Conservation Groups Move to Protect Rare Coastal Moth From Washington and British Columbia
WildEarth Guardians Grades Governments on Prairie Dog Protection
Groups Press Feds for Protection of Sonoran Desert Tortoise
Protections Sought for Borderland Species
Protection Sought for Sagebrush Sea Inhabitants
Shark Petition Could Result in First Federally Protected Shark
Species Protections Sought for Wolf, Cat, Monster, and Shark
Conservation Group Seeks a Prairie Home for Imperiled Critters
Conservation Group Continues BioBlitz Celebration of Year of Biodiversity
48 Species in President's Home State Remain in Legal Limbo
Conservation Group Celebrates Year of Biodiversity With "BioBlitz"
WildEarth Guardians Files Suit Against Lamar, Colorado Coal-fired Power Plant
Lynx in New Mexico Warrant Listing But Remain in Legal Limbo
Feds to Consider Over 100 Species For Federal Protection
Mussels Inch Toward Federal Protection
Coal Mines Pass on Natural Gas Profits
Environmental Groups and EPA Reach Agreement on Updating Nationwide Limits on Air Pollution from Oil and Gas Drilling
Prairie Songbird One Step Closer to Federal Protection
Prairie Dogs Lose Out in Fight for Federal Protection
Group Calls for End to the War on Wildlife
Report: Coal Mining in West's Powder River Basin Largest Contributor to Global Warming in U.S.
Presidential Pardon Requested for Endangered Western Grouse
Coloradans Tell Ritter to Stop Clowning Around on Climate Change
Federal Protections for Endangered Species Still At All-Time Low
New Study Chronicles Declining Populations, Major Threats to Sage-Grouse
Injunction Sought to Keep Coal-fired Boiler from Poisoning the Air
Conservation Groups Join State Agency to Offer $4,800 Reward for Information on Killing of Canada Lynx
U.S. Health and Environmental Groups Call on 32 States to Protect Clean Air from Oil and Gas Drilling
Watchdog Calls for New Strategy at Interior
Cattle Growers Support Endangered Species Protection for Prairie Dogs
WildEarth Guardians' Petition Ruling Promises to Protect Clean Air in the West from Oil and Gas Drilling
Climate Change Treaty Risks Inaction; Scientists Say Action Needed Now
Secretary Salazar Urged to Consider Strategy to Manage Free-Roaming Horses and Burros
WildEarth Guardians Applauds EPA Move to Control Global Warming Pollution from Power Plants, Other Large Sources of Air Pollutio
Valles Caldera Wildlife Receives Boost in Collaborative Restoration Effort
Conservation Group Calls Upon Jessica Simpson to Have a Heart for Coyotes
Suit Filed to Halt Development Along New Mexico's Rivers
Landowners Should Benefit from Hosting Endangered Wildlife
WildEarth Guardians Targets Mercury from Lamar, CO Coal-fired Power Plant
Feds To Consider Rare Southwestern Thistle for Endangered Species Act Listing
WildEarth Guardians Files Suit to Eliminate Illegal and Dangerous Loophole in Utah Air Quality Regulations
Saving the Black-footed Ferret
Feds Deny Protection to Rare New Mexico Butterfly - Again
Suit Filed to Halt Development Along Arizona's Rivers
Rare Bird Wins Second Chance at Protection
Feds To Consider Tortoise for Endangered Species Act Listing
Group Files Suit to Usher Six Imperiled Mussels Aboard the 'Western Ark'
Wolves Provide a Buffer Against Climate Change
WildEarth Guardians Challenges Failure of Xcel Coal Plant Permit to Safeguard Clean Air, Climate
Group Files Suit to Usher the Sprague's Pipit Aboard the 'Western Ark'
Report Finds Public Lands Grazing a Threat to Public Forests
Gunnison Sage-Grouse Gets Another Chance at Protection
Feds Agree to Consider 29 Species for Endangered Species Act Protection
Groups Push for Wildlife Regulation Changes in New Mexico
Settlement Reached Over New Mexico Endangered Species
Lawsuit Filed Against Xcel Energy to Safeguard Public Health in Denver Metro Area
Prehistoric Sawfish Makes Progress Toward Federal Protection
Tribal, Environmental Groups Call for Quick Action to Safeguard Four Corners Region from Dirty Energy Development
Rare Southwestern Jackrabbit Hops Toward Federal Protection
Group Challenges Extensive Herbicide Spraying in Southeast New Mexico
BLM Withdraws Proposal to Spray Herbicides on 1.5 Million Acres
Coloradoans Challenge Xcel's Coal-Fired Power Plant in Boulder
Citizens' Groups Call for Clean Air in Fremont County, Wyoming
Suit Challenges Logging That Threatens Burned Forest Recovery Near Grand Canyon
WildEarth Guardians Targets Xcel Energy's Plans to Stick Colorado With More Mercury Contamination
WildEarth Guardians Applauds Move by EPA to Safeguard the Climate
Conservation Groups Kick-Off Mountain Lion Presentations
Jaguarundi Justice
Wildlife Services Exterminates 125% More Animals in 2008
WildEarth Guardians Targets EPA Failure to Safeguard Clean Air in American West
US Forest Service Logging Priorities Need 21st Century Revitalization
Tortoise Goes to Court
Cities of the Rio Grande Call for Clean Water Protection
Bureau of Land Management Can Be Held Accountable for Global Warming
Group Presses for Protection of Rare Mayfly
A Different Stimulus Plan: Wolves for the Southern Rockies
Greenwood Village Police Wound Three Coyotes, Maimed Coyotes Flee
Appeal Filed to Stop Irreversible Logging Damage to Fragile Burned Forest North of Grand Canyon
Group Presses for Protection of Rare Rio Grande Stonefly
Clean Air Gets Second Chance at Lyons Cement Plant
Settlement Reached in Southwestern Frog Case
New Report Finds Western Public Lands Grazing as a Major Threat to Wildlife
WildEarth Guardians Bid $50,000 to Graze 5 Cows on Valles Caldera National Preserve
America's Top 40: Full of Sad Songs for Endangered Species
Groups Renew and Expand Lawsuit for Clean Air in Northwestern New Mexico
Earth Day Court Decision Threatens Hundreds of Federally Protected Prairie Dogs
New Mexico Still Committed to Protecting Clean Water
Rare Salamander Clears First Hurdle for Potential Federal Safeguards
Group Presses Feds to Protect Prehistoric Largetooth Sawfish
WildEarth Guardians Targets Xcel Energy's Plans to Stick Colorado With More Mercury Contamination, Higher Bills
Poisoned Birds and Wetlands Prompts Legal Action
Group Files Suit to Usher Species Aboard the 'Western Ark'
Montana Wolf Discovered Dead in Colorado
Coyote Price Now Reaches $14,000 in Greenwood Village
WildEarth Guardians to Sue Xcel Energy over 11,000 Violations of Clean Air Laws at the Coal Burning Cherokee Power Plant
Clean Energy Gets a Boost off the Coasts
Voluntary Grazing Permit Retirement becomes Law
Governor Richardson's River Restoration Program Creates Jobs and Income
WildEarth Guardians in Final Five for Redwood Creek's Great Outdoors Project
One Pricey Coyote: Greenwood Village Spends Over $9,000 to Kill One Coyote in a Public Park
Gunnison Sage-grouse May Get Federal Protection
Group Presses for Federal Protection for the Gunnison's Prairie Dog
Cibola National Forest to Spray Ten Herbicides on Public Lands
'State of the Birds' Report Further Evidence of Need to Protect Western Grouse
Groups Ask Colorado Division of Wildlife to Stop Killing Coyotes in Denver
Bitter Lake Proposed as Critical Habitat for Endangered Animals
Feds Designate Critical Habitat for Louisiana Black Bear After a 17-Year Wait
WildEarth Guardians Targets EPA Failure to Safeguard Clean Air in American West
WildEarth Guardians Challenges Failure of Xcel Coal Plant Permit to Safeguard Clean Air, Climate
Montana Wolf Tapped to Head Elk Management Team at Rocky Mountain National Park
Montana Wolf in Colorado Now Has New Reason to Stay
Greater Sage-grouse Warranted...but Precluded from ESA Protection
Conservationists Call for Bold New Course Fitting of America's Conservation Legacy
Greenwood Village Approves Contentious Coyote Plan
Proverbial Lone Wolf Wanders into Northern Colorado
Lynx in Southern Rockies Face Foreclosure
Group Calls For End to Coyote Killing in Greenwood Village
Stimulus Signing Underscores Need for Clean Energy Targets
WildEarth Guardians Calls Upon President and Congress to Abolish Federal Wildlife-Killing Agency
New Listing Decision for Gunnison Sage-grouse?
EPA to Consider Slashing Smog in the American West
WildEarth Guardians Challenges Failure of BLM to Protect Clean Air Along Colorado Front Range
WildEarth Guardians Releases Prairie Dog Report Card on Groundhog Day
Rocky Mountain National Park Elk in the Crosshairs
New White House Chief Performance Officer Called on to Reform Wasteful, Ineffective and Environmentally Harmful Public Lands and
Western Ark Must Set Sail
Tortoise Racing Toward Extinction
WildEarth Guardians Applauds Move by Obama to Safeguard the Climate
Bush Administration Takes Parting Shot at Endangered Grouse
WildEarth Guardians Leads the Charge to Strengthen Nationwide Clean Air Standards
Clean Energy Comes out Ahead on Santa Fe National Forest
Endangered Animals One Step Closer to True Refuge at Bitter Lake
New Energy No Longer a Pipe Dream
Government Has Suspect in August 2008 Mexican Wolf Killing
Game and Fish Posts Online Cougar-Identification Course
WildEarth Guardians Applauds EPA Lawsuit Against CEMEX
More Bush Midnight Giveaways: 270 Critically Imperiled Species Turned Away From Federal Protection
WildEarth Guardians Calls on EPA to Slash Smog Pollution in the American West, Safeguard Public Health
Climate at Risk from Wasteful Oil and Gas Operations in Montana
Government Shirks Duty to Restore Wolves to the Southern Rocky Mountains
Lynx in New Mexico Move Closer to Protection
Air Quality Plan for Denver Metro Area Takes Step Backward in Favor of Oil and Gas Industry
Gunnison Sage-grouse Makes Top 10 List of Species in Need of Protection
Colorado Group Urges Against Pick of Salazar for Interior Secretary
Bush Administration Official Hints Sage-Grouse May be Thrown Under the Bus - Again
Rare New Mexico Butterfly One Step Closer to Federal Protection
Conservationists Petition for Modern Mexican Gray Wolf Recovery Plan
Fish and Wildlife Service Agrees: Prairie Dog May Warrant Federal Protection
Lynx in New Mexico Soon to Escape Legal Limbo
Presidential Pardon Requested for Endangered Western Grouse
Conservationists Pressure Feds to Protect Rare Grouse
New Forest Service Plan Threatens Fragile Grasslands' Nature and Wildlife
Clean Air to be 'Significantly' Impacted by Carson National Forest Drilling Plans
Helicopter Crashes in Wyoming Coyote Hunt
WildEarth Guardians, Diné CARE File Suit Together for Clean Air in Northwestern New Mexico
Santa Fe Forest Drilling Plans Threaten Clean Air, Streams, Wildlife
San Juan County, New Mexico Under Siege by Smog
Arizona Game & Fish Commission Affirms Support for Mexican Wolf Recovery
Western Colorado Coal Mine Threatens Climate, Clean Water
New Report Documents Extensive Habitat Loss, Lack of Protection for Interior West's Sagebrush Sea
Tortoise Racing Toward Extinction
Group Launches 'Western Ark' to Protect Diverse Animals & PlantsFormal Petitions Request Protection for 13 Species Across 18
WildEarth Guardians Challenges Federal Decision to Waste Natural Gas, Ignore Global Warming at Colorado Coal Mine
N.M. Game Commission Endorses Historic Cougar-Hunting Regulation Changes
Court Finds Catron County Anti-Wolf Ordinance Obsolete
WildEarth Guardians Awarded Two State River Restoration Grants
Clouding Western Skies
Group Presses for Wolf Recovery in Southern Rockies
Feds Pushing Utah Prairie Dog Toward Extinction
Wildlife Agency Endorses New Mexico Cougar-Management Reforms; Game Commission Poised to Decide October 2nd
Proposed Clean Air Plan for Denver Fails to Cut Through the Smog
Merger Gives Might to WildEarth Guardians' Climate and Energy Program
New Mexico Endangered Species List Comes Up Short
Conservation Groups Spur Federal Agencies to Study Impacts of Coalbed Methane Drilling to Drinking Water, Streams, and Aquifers
Citizens to BLM: "No Exceptions" to Protecting Critical Wildlife Habitat from Drilling
Lawsuit Targets Air Pollution at Aging CEMEX Cement Plant in Lyons
Groups Challenge EPA Over Desert Rock Air Permit
Groups joint petition details numerous deficiencies in the air permit for the Desert Rock power plant
Fish and Wildlife Service Designates Critical Habitat for Devils River Minnow - Final Rule Slashes Original Proposal by Two-Thir
Forest Service Approves Plan to Poison More Prairie Dogs on National Grasslands
Forest Service Approves Plan to Poison More Prairie Dogs on National Grasslands
New Mexico Backs Off on Controversial Prairie-Chicken Hunt
BLM Agrees to Reconsider Allowing Oil & Gas Drilling Activities in Critical Wildlife Habitat
Federal Government Exterminating More Wolves, Coyotes, and Black Bears
Colorado's Black-footed Ferrets Saved from Drilling Threat
Endangered Species Decision On Prairie Dog Due In November
Groups Give Cougar Talks Around New Mexico
Group Applauds PNM for Exceeding State Renewable Portfolio Standard, Says We Can Do More
Federal cash brings reward for info on illegal wolf killings to $50,000
Co-existing with Cougars
Boulder's Bears are Back
WildEarth Guardians 2007 Annual Report
Emergency Listing Sought For Dozens Of Species On The Brink
Decade Anniversary of Lesser Prairie-Chicken's Purgatory as Candidate for Protection
Busy Working For Beavers
EPA Cites USDA For Wildlife Poison Violations
Jemez Mountains: Fall motorcycle event draws protest
Federal Judge in N.M. To Consider Legality of Falcon Decision
Conservationists File Lawsuit to Halt Drilling in Critical Wildlife Habitat
Conservation Groups Condemn Utah Prairie Dog Killings
Groups Sue to Revitalize Mexican Wolf Program
Prairie Dogs In The Crosshairs
Mono Basin Sage Grouse Move Closer to ESA Protection
Shoot Popcans, Not Prairie Dogs
Governor Richardson Praised For Announcement to Protect New Mexico's Headwater Streams and Wild National Forests with Outstandin
Helicopter Crashes In Nevada Coyote Hunt
Lynx: Maps and related materials
Lynx in New Mexico in Legal Limbo
Fish and Wildlife Service Will Consider Protection for Rare NM Butterfly
Group Pushes for Frog Habitat Protection
Forest Service Scraps Fire Planning in Southwest
Group Pushes for Emergency Protection for Sand Dune Lizard
Judge Orders Feds to Hand Over Mountain Plover Documents
City Lights the Way for Clean Energy with Solar Santa Fe
Clean Up Plan For Ruidoso Waste Water Treatment Plant Will Restore River Health
Group Demands Police Investigation Into Grand Junction Dog Poisoning
Rocky Mountain Park Elk Plan Goes to Court
Rocky Mountain Park Elk Plan Goes to Court
WildEarth Guardians Seeks Federal Protection for 681 Western Species
Prairie Dog Suit Filed
Rare New Mexico Meadow Jumping Mouse Needs More Grass:
Feds Pressured To Protect Declining Prairie Dogs
Drive to Axe Federal Predator Eradication Program
Endangered Species Act Protection Will Be Considered for White-tailed Prairie Dog
Fish and Wildlife Service Initiates New Listing Decision for Greater Sage-Grouse
Federal Agency to Reconsider Protection for Sage-Grouse
Feds Pushing Utah Prairie Dog Toward Extinction
Imperiled Bird a Victim of Politics
Bush Administration Defies Congressional Mandate to Study Harmful Effects of Gas Drilling on Drinking Water and Western Waterway
Report from the Burrow: Forecast of the Prairie Dog
Gunnison's Prairie Dog Warrants Federal Protection
Prairie Dog Day Forecast: Unique Ecosystems Will Disappear If Feds & States Don't Improve
Celebrate Prairie Dog Day - Ground Hog Day of the West
Conservation Groups Call on Governor Richardson to Stop Feds from Removing New Mexico's Wolves
Environmentalists Join Forces
Conservation Groups Merge To Create a Force of Nature for the American West's Wild Places, Wildlife and Wild Rivers
Forest Service Cows to Special Interests in Ongoing Battle over New Mexico's Wolf Country
Forest Service Rubber Stamps Grazing on Over Half a Million Acres of New Mexico's Wolf Country
State Game and Fish Asks Feds for Review of Drilling During Seasonal Closures
BLM Looks To Drill In Otero Mesa
N.M. Game & Fish concerned with BLM handling of wildlife protections
Comment Period Ends for Pecos Sunflower Habitat
Governor Richardson Praised For Issuing Six-Month Moratorium On Gas Development In Santa Fe County
Feds Poised to Slash Habitat Protection for Rare Pecos Sunflower
Forest Service to Revisit Grazing Plan in Critical Habitat for Mono Basin Area Sage-Grouse
Environmental Groups Sue Over Listing of Rare Butterfly
Federal Protection Sought for Rare New Mexico Butterfly
BLM Harming Wildlife at Oil, Gas Sites
Groups Boycott Tecton Meetings
WildEarth Guardians puts pressure on Tecton
Tecton Says ''Frack You'' In Denying Request From Groups And Residents To Withdraw Drilling Applications
WildEarth Guardians aim for federal money
Fires Normal Part of Ecology
Suit Filed To Protect Endangered Species at Bitter Lake Refuge
Environmental Groups Sue Over Critical Habitat for Endangered Species
Federal Government Reopens Critical Habitat Comments for Pecos Sunflower
Feds Allow Wildlife Protections to be Breached Nearly 1,000 Times in New Mexico
Conservationists Blast BLM Exceptions to Wildlife Protections
No Rest for the Weary: Why Seasonal Oil & Gas Closures Aren't Protecting Wildlife in New Mexico
Feds consider mouse for endangered species list
Environmental group sues U.S. Forest Service over fire management plans
Fire Management Challenged In Federal Court
WildEarth Guardians Challenge National Forest Fire Management Plans
WildEarth Guardians Seeks Federal Court Intervention to Stop Catron County Wolf Trappings
Scientists' Letter Regarding Fire Management
Scientists Call For Improved Scientific Fire Management
Proposed Changes to County Ordinance Would Weaken Protections
Prairie Dog Preservation No Laughing Matter
Biomass Plant Hits Snag
Environmental Group Criticizes BLM Habitat Plans
Bureau of Land Management Plan for Imperiled Prairie-Chicken and Sand Dune Lizard Falls Short
Biomass Rejection Democratic not Bureaucratic
Study Finds Biomass Not Available For New Mexico Energy Project
One of Largest Remaining Utah Prairie Dog Populations in Jeopardy
Dozens Of Groups Urge Federal Protection For Declining Prairie Dog
Comments on the Status of the Gunnison's Prairie Dog
Guardian Giving: In Memory of Tom Wooton
Suppress Wildfires Or Not -- the Debate Goes On
Suit Filed in District Court to Protect Wolves and Other Species from Conflicts with Livestock
Forest Service Rubber-Stamps Grazing in Wolf Recovery Zone
Letter to The Nature Conservancy requesting they discontinue poisoning prairie dogs - Sign the petition!
Groups Urge Emergency Federal Protection for Rare Checkerspot Butterfly
Arizona State Land Department Rules for Conservation Bids On Grazing Lease
Fire Suppression Costly in Southwest
Born of Fire: The National Fire Plan in the Southwest
Lawyer Has His Science Mixed Up
Fish and Wildlife Service Document Reveals Tainted Listing Decision for Gunnison Sage-grouse
Federal Agency Reconsiders Prairie Dog's Status
Federal Investigation Sought into Intimidation of Wolf Biologist by Rogue Federal Agency
Guest View: Biomass Project Isn't Sustainable
Request for Formal Investigation into Allegations of Misconduct by Predator Control Agency
WWP Biomass Arguments Are Flawed
Biomass Poses 'Treacherous' Path
Student Interns Make a Difference for Native Wildlife and Wildlands
It's time to confront policies that harm Mexican gray wolf numbers
Biomass Fuel and N.M. a Bad Idea
Decision to deny power plant permit must stand
Conservation groups push for protection of black-tailed prairie dog
Escalating Threats Prompt New Push for Black-tailed Prairie Dog Protection
Conservation Groups Want Lynx Protected in New Mexico
Feds Issue Habitat Protection Proposal for Devils River Minnow
Petition to List the Black-tailed Prairie Dog as an Endangered or Threatened Species Under the Endangered Species Act, and to De
Petition to change the listing status of Canada Lynx (Lynx Canadensis) to encompass the mountainous region of north-central New
Conservationists file petition to protect Lynx in New Mexico
Catron County: Groups aim to overturn wolf law
Moratorium on killing wolves a good start, John Horning op-ed from the Santa Fe New Mexican
Gov. Richardson speaks out against Desert Rock coal power plant
Catron County Ordinance Threatens Mexican Wolf
Complaint to Invalidate Catron County Ordinance Regarding Wolf Kills
Petition to List 206 Critically Imperiled or Imperiled Species in the Mountain-Prairie Region under the Endangered Species Act
Mountain-Prairie Endangered Species Act Listing Petition Questions & Answers
Group Seeks Federal Protection for 206 Western Endangered Species
Ten Species Decisions to be Reconsidered by the Fish and Wildlife Service
Gov. Richardson Chastises Federal Agency Over Endangered Wolves
Gila River Dispute Tributary to Western Tradition
Richardson calls for suspension of 'three strikes' rule against endangered wolves
Feds Must Issue New Gunnison's Prairie Dog Decision
Prairie Dog Nation: Critical Cornerstone of a Crumbling Castle
Gunnison's Prairie Dog Settlement Agreement
Petition Requesting the Emergency Protections for the Sacramento Mountains checkerspot butterflly
Sacramento Mountains Checkerspot Butterfly at Risk From Spraying
Group Seeks Federal Protection for 475 Southwestern Endangered Species: Largest Listing Petition Filed in Thirty Years
Hearings Scheduled on Desert Rock Power Plant
Feds Asked To Include Lynx In New Mexico
Five-Year Review of Canada Lynx
Marc Choyt is Finding Ways Through Business to Regenerate Collapsed Eco and Social Systems
Biomass Energy Project Halted In New Mexico
State Denies Biomass Plant Permit
Compensate for Your Carbon Footprint
Santa Fe Living River Fund Frequently Asked Questions
Administrative Procedures for Santa Fe Living River Fund
Biomass Plant a Bad Investment
The City of Santa Fe Introduces the Santa Fe Living River Fund
Conservationists to Interior Department: Fix Politically Tainted Decisions Now
House Natural Resources Committee Calls on Interior to Fix Tainted Decisions
Bush official's meddling could backfire, benefit prairie dog protection
Otero County Ranchers, Farmers Complain About Elk
Conservation Groups Call on Federal Law Enforcement to Stop Catron County Wolf Kills
Letter to Fish & Wildlife Service Requesting Enforcement to Stop Wolf Kills
WildEarth Guardians Pushes Feds to Consider Impacts from Grazing to 520 Miles of Critical Fish Habitat
Notice of Intent to Sue for Critical Habitat for Loach Minnow and Spikedace
Forum comes out against drilling at Otero Mesa
Santa Fe river Waterway deemed most imperiled
How to Revive the Santa Fe River
Group Calls the Santa Fe River the Most Endangered River in U.S.
Celebrate Earth Day with River Restoration Tree-Planting Event
Changes Proposed to Outstanding National Resource Water Designation
Groups Demand Forest Service Withdraw Plan
Letter to Forest Service Regarding Comanche and Cimarron Grasslands Plan
Groups Ask Court To Reconsider Lynx In New Mexico
Living River Fund A Hopeful Sign
Conservation Groups Ask Court To Re-Examine Lynx Decision
Rio Grande joins most-endangered list
Federal Agency Discloses Wildlife-Kill Records
Wolf Plan May Prompt Suit
Conservation groups prepare to sue over wolf ordinance
Notice of Intent to Sue Catron County New Mexico for County Ordinance Allowing Illegal Take of Mexican Gray Wolves
Conservation Groups Warn Catron County of Suit for Wolves
New Regulations Endanger Public Land
Featured Guardian: Brian Lock's commitment to Southwestern landscapes and Stream Team Santa Fe Pale Ale!
After Killing a Record 2.7 Million Animals, Federal Government Hides
John Horning announces the Living River Fund, a pilot program to lease water from farmers for the Rio Grande
Forest, off-road groups seek trails for vehicles
Water Buys for Rio Grande Set
Groups to lease farmers' water
Living River Fund Established by Albuquerque and Environmental Groups
Feds Refuse to Reclassify Utah Prairie Dog as Endangered
Greater Sage-Grouse fact sheet
Gunnison Sage-grouse fact sheet
Show Endangered Species the Love Every Day
Suit Filed Over Prairie Dog Status
Protect even more N.M. waters
Groups Ask Court for Prairie Dog Protection
Forest Service Agrees To Consider Harm To Sensitive Species From Cattle Grazing
Complaint for Endangered Species Act Listing of Black-tailed Prairie Dog
Appeal regarding Hermosa Allotment Environmental Assessment
Receiving Prairie Dog Clearance
Forest Service Policy Blasted
Groundhog day: Western take on an Eastern tradition?
New Twist on Groundhog Day Is Celebrated: February 2 Declared Prairie Dog Day throughout the West
Trust turns down $25,000 for Valles Caldera preserve access
Valles Caldera: Group offers trust money to get rid of cows
Valles Caldera Trust Rejects $25,000 Offer to Put People on the Preserve Instead of Cows
Donor Activists Marita and Peter Prandoni Have a Deep Reverence for Wild Places
Let's Get Our Priorities Straight: An Op-Ed Regarding the Maquinita Timber Sale
Forest Planning Principles
Forest Mangement Plan Revision Timeline
Complaint for Declaratory and Injuctive Relief for the Gunnison's Prairie Dog
Groups Contest Denial of Federal Protection to Declining Prairie Dog
Groups sue over federal rejection of effort to protect prairie dog
Group Sues Forest Service to Protect Spotted Owl Habitat
Livestock Use is Starving Mexican Spotted Owls in the Sacramentos
WildEarth Guardians Complaint for Declaratory and Injunctive Relief on the Sacramento Allotment
Forest Fires Can Be Force for Good
Presidential Pardon Requested for Endangered Western Grouse Species
Feds order wolf removed from the wild
Thinning Plan Needs Review
Permit Renewal Withdrawn
Groups Successfully Challenge Rubberstamp of Grazing in Wolf Areas
Notices of Appeal of Forest Service's Decision to Rubberstamp Grazing
Federal Safety Net Sought for Imperiled Mountain Plover
Feds Refuse Protection for Imperiled Columbian Sharp-tailed Grouse
WildEarth Guardians' Complaint for Declaratory and Injunctive Relief for the Mountain Plover
San Miguel County Leads Coalition Challenging Fish & Wildlife's Endangered Species Failure
State To Revise Species List
Rio Puerco: Native Plants are Being Revived in Places Invasive Species Were Thriving
Smoking Gun Emails Reveal Decision to Not List Gunnison's Prairie Dog under the Endangered Species Act Is Entirely Politically-M
Roadless Forest Streams Nominated for Permanent Protection
Bush Administration Political-Appointee Reverses Endangered Species Protections for Wildlife
Groups Urge Protection for N.M. Roadless Forest Streams
Groups Target Water Pollution
First Petition to Nominate Roadless Forest Streams As Outstanding National Resource Waters Submitted
Coconino National Forest Land Management Plan (11/06 Meeting Schedule)
Conservation Groups Urge Interior Secretary to Ensure Protections for Wolves and Lynx
Traps, Poisons and Guns Put Wolves and Lynx at Risk
Governor wants $100 million for water projects
Governor Bill Richardson Proposes Far-Reaching Year of Water Agenda
Study Finds Value in Roadless Forest Land
Environmental group: Roadless land valuable - The state has petitioned the Bush administration to protect all of New Mexico's ro
New Mexico's Roadless Areas Worth Tens of Millions Each Year as Intact Natural Ecosystems
The Value of Clean Waters and Wild Forests: Economic and Community Benefits to Protecting New Mexico's Inventoried Roadless Area
Jeremy Rohrlich: Citizen Speaks Up for Clean Water, Wild Forests
Luis Torres: Citizen Speaks Up for Clean Water, Wild Forests
Forest Supervisor Rejects Appeal of Thinning Plan in Gallinas Municipal Watershed
District Court Ruling on State Petitions for Inventoried Roadless Area Management Rule
California Judge Reinstates Clinton Roadless Rule
Featured Guardian: Lucy McDermott Wins a Contest and Protects the Environment
Groups File Suit Over Endangered Falcon Protections
Groups Seek Reinstatement Of Key Habitat Protections For Wild Falcons
Complaint for Declaratory and Injunctive Relief for a ''nonessential and experimental'' population of Northern Aplomado Falcons
WildEarth Guardians: Environmental Group Bids on Grazing Leases
Guardians Seek State Trust Land To Protect Endangered Habitats
Report says BLM lax on wilderness protection
Campaign to Protect Ecological Crown Jewels of State Lands Initiated
Dept. Secretary Says BLM Ignored State Recommendations of Drilling on Otero Mesa
Bureau of Land Management Comes Under Fire As New Report Documents the Agency's Mismanagement of New Mexico's Public Lands
Court rejects suit to halt Carson National Forest logging project
Timber Harvest Plans Advance
Hollow Promises in Our Land of Enchantment: A Report by the Coalition for Otero Mesa Regarding Why the Bureau of Land Management
Ruidoso Village Council approves design for water treatment plant expansion
WildEarth Guardians' Notice of Intent to File Suit Over Violations of the Endangered Species Act Regarding the 2006 Negative 90-
Federal Relief Sought For Declining Prairie Dogs
Featured Guardian: Gary Goodman, the 1970's, and the Southwest
Conservation Collective Condemns Forest Service's Proposal for Predator-Killing Plan in Wilderness
Federal agency removes falcon from endangered list
Falcons Set For Return to Wild, Lack of Protections Angers Activists
Trojan Horse Reintroduction of Falcons Would Weaken Habitat Protections
Endangered Falcon To Be Reintroduced in New Mexico, Arizona
Editorial from ''The Spectrum'' Regarding Utah's Prairie Dog and WildEarth Guardians' Response
Feds Must Reconsider Habitat Protection for Devils River Minnow
Comments to Cimarron and Comanche National Grasslands Land Management Plan Proposed Monitoring Questions and Performance Measure
WildEarth Guardians' Comments to Utah Prairie Dog Habitat Conservation Plan in Utah
Conservationists Object to New Grazing Laws
WildEarth Guardians: NM Endangered species list falls short on protection
New Mexico Endangered Species List Comes Up Short
WildEarth Guardians' Review of New Mexico State Threatened & Endangered Species List
WildEarth Guardians' Review of New Mexico State Threatened and Endangered Species List - A WildEarth Guardians Report
Judge Rules that BLM Must Reconsider Herbicide Project near Roswell
Water And Wildlife Threatened By Rio Grande National Forest Logging Proposal
Complaint for Declaratory and Injunctive Relief for the County Line Logging Project in the Rio Grande National Forest
Santa Fe Passes City Ordinance to Protect Rio Grande
Rio Grande National Forest 'County Line' timber sale area photos
Decision regarding Herbicide use on the Rio Hondo Allotment
Cattle Grazing on Public Lands Must Account for Endangered Wildlife
Grazing Permits Used for Loans
In Harm's Way - the Wildland Urban Interface
Report says Loans Fuel Grazing Woes
Ranchers Using Grazing Permits As Collateral
Report: Mortgaging Our Natural Heritage: An Analysis of the Use of Bureau of Land Management Grazing Permits as Collateral for P
9th Circuit Court of Appeals Finding for Water Canyon Allotment Lawsuit
S.F. Nonprofit WildEarth Guardians Receives $360,000 Forest Restoration Grant
Increased Protection for Utah Prairie Dog Under Consideration
Santa Fe National Forest: Hyde Park Forest Thinning Delayed
Settlement Reached Over Imperiled Columbian Sharp-tailed Grouse
Forest Manager Nixes Thinning Project
Santa Fe National Forest: Hyde Park Road Cutting and Burning On Hold
Petition Of Governor Bill Richardson For State Specific Rulemaking To Protect Roadless Areas In New Mexico
Controversial Pipeline Sent Back to the Drawing Board
Outstanding National Resource Waters Petition
Rare Aplomado Falcons the Focus of Otero Mesa Hearing
Forest Restoration Agreement Reached
New Mexico Forest Restoration Principles
WildEarth Guardians Statement Regarding the New Mexico Forest Restoration Principles
Grassland and Woodland Management Framework - By the Biomass Evaluation Task Force (Provisional Document)
The New Mexico Forest Restoration Principles Announced by Diverse Task Force
Where Antelope (and Other Large Mammals) Roam
First Endangered Species Day - Endangered Plants and Wildlife are a Vital Part of State Heritage
Wildlife, Habitat and Hunting: New Mexico's Roadless Areas
National Forest Lands in New Mexico: Roadless Survey: Summary of Results
New Sighting Of Rare Falcon On Otero Mesa
Forest Managers Embrace Fire As Tool
Settlement Reached In Prairie-Chicken Lawsuit
New Mexico is Burning, But It's OK
Feds dismiss threat to Gunnison sage grouse
Incorporated County Of Los Alamos Resolution No. 06-12
Statement of John Horning regarding the Los Alamos Rio Grande Resolution
Los Alamos Resolution Provides New Political and Financial Support for Rio Grande Restoration
Drought has Officials Concerned about Survival of Silvery Minnows
Yates drops drilling plan in Bitter Lakes wildlife refuge
Coalition's Appeal of the Hyde Park Wildland Urban Interface Thinning and Prescribed Fire Project
The Push for a Free-Flowing Rio Grande - WildEarth Guardians Urging Los Alamos County
Company Pulls Bid to Drill in Bitter Lakes Wildlife Refuge
Forest Service Comanche-Cimarron Plan Threatens all U.S. Forests & Grasslands
A Vision for Wild Grasslands: WildEarth Guardians 'Sustainable Use Conservation Alternative' for the Comanche & Cimarron Nat
National Forest Management Act (NFMA): Final rule describes the National Forest System land management planning framework
Environmentalists Challenge Federal Agency Over Aplomado Falcon Habitat
Featured Guardian: Martha's Commitment to WildEarth Guardians
Pay a Buck, Fill the River - Keep water flowing in the Rio Grande
Protection Sought For Aplomado Falcon Habitat: Oil and Gas a Growing Threat to Rare Raptor
Endangered Species Act Faces Big Changes
Environmental Group Files Suit Over Endangered Pecos Bluntnose Shiner
Pecos River Needs Rights to Its Own Water, Lawsuit Provides an ''Invitation to Solutions''
Group seeks federal protection for grouse
Columbian Sharp-Tailed Grouse in Trouble: Conservation Organizations Push for Endangered Species Act Protection
Making the Rules - exclude grazing permits & oil and gas exploration from NEPA review
Rio Grande Restoration: Support for Salt Cedar Bill Pulled
WildEarth Guardians asks State Land Department to Retire Grazing to Protect Endangered River and Wildlife Habitat
Weed Control Policy: Do No Harm - Forest Service wants ban overturned
Controversial Pipeline Temporarily Stopped - Government Grants Stay of Pipeline Challenged by WildEarth Guardians and Ranchers
Forester Rejects Herbicides in Santa Fe, Carson Forests
Carson, Santa Fe Forests: Weed-control plan rejected
Foes of Plan to Kill Weeds Win Appeal
Livestock Producers, Herbalist Concerned Over Herbicide Use
Dry year will test fire plans
Prairie Dog Won't Be 'Endangered'
Gunnison's prairie dog not endangered, for now, feds say
Gunnison's Prairie Dog Suffers Setback
The Mayor of Albuquerque Issues an Executive Order Delcaring February 2nd Prairie Dog Day Throughout the City
Prairie Dog Protection Urged in Western Twist on Groundhog Day - Upgraded Protection Sought for Utah Prairie Dog
Prairie Dog Protection Urged in Western Twist on Groundhog Day
Land of Endangerment - New Mexico faces the greatest environmental challenge of all: politics
WildEarth Guardians Comments On Potential Poisoning of Prairie Dogs
John Horning speaks at the 4th Annual Telluride Mountain Film Festival in Santa Fe
Otero Mesa Battle Begins; BLM Accused Of Altering Rules
Commentary: Money Talks Big In The West
Wilderness Or Feedlot?
Livestock Numbers on the Southwestern National Forests in the 20th Century
Wing-tipped Welfare Cowboys Ride the Range
'Til the Cows Come Home - Recent decisions on the Valles Caldera have left ranchers and environmentalists feeling not so at home
A U.S. Forest Service Herbicide Plan Opposed by Coalition of Environmentalists
Feds to Review Manzano Mountains Thinning Proposal
Rethinking Plan Is a Good Idea
Manzano Forests Spared Chain Saws For Now: Residents Stop 17,000 Acre 'Healthy Forest' Logging Proposal
Valle Vidal Waters Protected
Changes to mining provision defunct - Public land sale ban still in effect
Public Land Sales for Mining Dropped
John Horning responds to the 'Cows vs Condos' dichotomy as presented in the collection of essays 'Ranching West of the 100th Mer
Environmental Assessment: Potential Development of the Western Portion of the Denver Federal Center in Lakewood, Colorado
Environmentalists, rancher challenge northwestern New Mexico pipeline
Unique Team Fights Pipeline
Mining legislation: Lawmakers skeptical of public-land-sale plan
Residents Reject Forest Service Plan
Pipeline through Bald Eagle, Mule Deer, and Elk Habitat Challenged - Impacts to Livestock Grazing Also Cited
Gunnison Sage-Grouse May Get Protection - Agreement Requires Feds to Publish Endangered Species Listing Determination
WildEarth Guardians Receives Highest Rating for Sound Fiscal Management - Group is Given 4-Star Rating
Objection Filed Over Tajique Plan
Judge Stands By Minnow Ruling - The scope of federal discretion over water deliveries for endangered species is of vital importa
Columbian Sharp-Tailed Grouse in Trouble, Conservation Organizations Request ''Pardon''
Manzano Mountain Residents Object to Government Plan For Forests: Proposal Biased And Economically Unjustified
The Cibola National Forest (CNF) is Acting in Violation of the Healthy Forests Restoration Act (HFRA)
Letter To President Bush Requesting Pardon for Endangered Western Grouse
Presidential Pardon Requested for Endangered Western Grouse Species
Diverse Coalition Presents Case for Mono Basin Sage Grouse Protection
Congress Ought To Round Up Answers
Suit Challenges Decades Delay of Protection of 283 Species as Endangered Under the Endangered Species Act
Conservationists Petition Federal Government To Increase Grazing Fee
Bill Earmarks Funding for Water Projects, Silvery Minnow
GAO Report - Valles Caldera Trust Has Made Some Progress, but Needs to Do More to Meet Statutory Goals
Taxpayers Lose Over $120 Million Annually on Federal Public Lands Grazing
Groups: After Months of Delays, Forest Service Contractor Begins Roundup of Renagade Rancher's Tresspass Cattle
John Horning, Executive Director Speaks at WildEarth Guardians' Annual Gala Event Celebration
Grinch Didn't Steal Christmas; Holiday Tree Can Be Axed
Romantic, natural setting to breed silvery minnows
Carson Concerns Forest Groups
National Forest Protection Alliance Releases New Report - America's Endangered National Forests: Lumber, Landfill or Living Lega
The Threatened Carson National Forest, New Mexico
Christmas Tree Claims Are Untrue
Carson National Forest Tops List of Threatened Forests: New Report Reveals Administration's Push for More Oil & Gas Drilling
Red Tape Hits Yule Tree Plan
The Need to Preserve Aplomado Falcon Safeguards: The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's proposal to reintroduce aplomado falcons a
Conservation Groups Push for Devils River Minnow Habitat Protection
Endangered species act: Opinion in state split over changes
BLM Steamrolls Public on Otero Mesa; Area Twice the Size of Albuquerque Opened to Oil and Gas Drilling
Bruce Babbitt visits Santa Fe for a conversation about his new book, Cities in the Wilderness
Judge Sends Drilling Plan Near Bitter Lake Refuge Back to BLM - Government Rejects Industry Request to Ignore Impacts to Endange
Habitat Protection Sought for Rare Pecos Sunflower
President's Healthy Forests Plan Suffers Setback in New Mexico: First Ever Healthy Forest Project in NM Stopped
The Endangered Species Act's Fight for its Life - HR 3824 Will Gut the ESA
Agency accused of botching efforts to save fish
Agency accused of botching efforts to save fish
New Report Casts Doubt on Rio Grande National Forest Logging Proposal
Former Government Biologists Claim Water and Wildlife Agencies Systematically Violating Endangered Species Act on Rio Grande
Appeal of the County Line Vegetation Management Project Record of Decision and Environmental Impact Statement Rio Grande Nationa
Fish and Wildlife Plan Meetings About Rare Falcon
Green Groups Oppose Bush Pick for Fish & Wildlife Service - Illegal Orders, Altering Scientific Findings and Developer-Frien
Thinning Cut Back In Cibola Forest
USFS delays road closure for cattle removal
Caldera Grazing Sparks Debate
First Healthy Forests
Objection of Perk-Grindstone Fuels and Vegetation Project Environmental Assessment on the Lincoln National Forest
Rare Falcons Found on Area Slated for Oil and Gas Drilling on Otero Mesa - Sightings Require Feds to Reconsider Drilling Impacts
Otero Mesa - Rare Aplomado Falcon Sighting
BLM delays new rules, will conduct supplemental EIS
Birds in the black: Through following avian wildlife, a UM scientist has discovered that burned forests play a critical role in
BLM to waste time and taxpayers dollars on Supplemental EIS for New Regulation that ignore science
Renegade Rancher Calls for State Militia to Stop Impoundment
USFS, Martinezes clash on grazing permit issue
Comments regarding the Roadless Conservation Rule by New Mexico Governor (Audio)
A BILL To protect inventoried roadless areas in the National Forest System (HR 3563)
Inslee and Boehlert Introduce Bipartisan Bill To Restore Roadless Area Protections
Denial of Bid a Blow to Water District
WildEarth Guardians wins Lawsuit to Obtain Data on BLM Grazing Permits used as Collateral for Bank Loans -10th Circuit Court of
Representatives Leach and Slaughter Propose Ban on Logging in National Forests: Legislation offers a comprehensive solution to 1
Groups applaud Forest Service for taking action albeit delayed against Renagade Rancher: Forest Service files Notice of Impoun
Scientist Can't Study Song Bird, Agencies Say
BLM Agrees to Resolve Drilling Issues on Otero Mesa - New Lease Schedule Comes as Sen. Bingaman Asks for Further Study of Grassl
Predator Control Plan for Colorado Blasted - Danger to "Threatened" Wildlife Species, Children, and Non-Target Wildlif
BLM's Green Rhetoric Meaningless in Otero Mesa Leasing - Agency Disregards New Mexicans' Call to Halt Oil and Gas Development
WildEarth Guardians provided comments to address concerns regarding the implementation of the New Mexico Statewide Strategic Pla
Multiple Use Conflict Resolution Act of 2005 - HR3166
Born of Fire - A WildEarth Guardians Report
Group Calls for More Fire Use in the Southwest - WildEarth Guardians' review of US Forest Service fire use in the southwest find
Environmental Groups Oppose Grazing Decision on the Santa Fe National Forest (San Diego Range Project)
Editorial - Faked grazing report should outrage Republicans
The Bush administration altered critical portions of a scientific analysis of the environmental impact of cattle grazing on publ
New BLM Grazing Rules Released
Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) for New Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Regulations
Pesticide Controversy in Southwest Continues as Cibola National Forest Considers Aerial Spraying Plan for Canadian River; WildEa
BLM's New Grazing Regulations Undercut Public Participation and Threaten Wildlife and Water with Hand-Outs to Livestock Industry
A new U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service policy forbids biologists from using wildlife genetics to protect and recover endangered fi
A Cautionary Tale: Rogue Ranchers Threaten Western Trout Water
Biologists ordered to ignore genetics of endangered species - New Fish & Wildlife Service Edict Sparks Internal Protests Ove
New Carson Reviews to Consider Wildlife
WildEarth Guardians Wins Appeal of Carson National Forest Grazing AllotmentsForest Service again fails to analyze affects of gra
A quick analysis of the Bush Administration's final rule to replace the Roadless Area Conservation Rule with a State petition pr
Groups send notice of intent to sue Forest Service, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and Renegade Rancher: Livestock still on fore
New Mexico residents lock arms for tree planting and fundraiser by joining Stream Team 2005Groups to Plant over 5,000 trees on M
Recent nesting and current status of Aplomado Falcon (Falco femoralis) in New Mexico
WildEarth Guardians and the New Mexico Wildlife Federation sued the Bush administration, asking the federal court to protect eac
Forest Service Sued for Slashing Public Participation Rights - Changes narrowed public comment to 30 days, in violation of Appea
Civil action for declaratory and injunctive relief arising from the United States Forest Service's decision to proceed with the
Lawsuit Filed to Protect Water and Wildlife from Logging: Agua Caballos Timber Sale Will Jeopardize Water Quality in Northern N
The Bureau of Land Management violated the National Environmental Policy Act ("NEPA"), the Federal Lands Policy Manage
Lawsuit Challenges Exemptions from Lesser Prairie-chicken Protective Stipulations Granted to Oil and Gas
The Tajique Watershed Restoration HFRA Project and Citizen's Alternative Proposal
Road Decommissioning and Fuel Breaks for Santa Fe Forest Restoration and Fire Protection on the Santa Fe National Forest, Coyote
Comments on the Policy on Genetics in Endangered Species Activities
Group Proposes Innovative Partnership with Forest Service to Restore Forest and Watershed Health
Plan Would Close Some SF Forest Roads
Agreement Creates New Hope and Mechanisms to Restore Rio Grande
River Elbows Minnow Off Center Stage
Albuquerque, Environmental Groups End Minnow Water Fight
Editorial: Water conservationists should be commended
Conservation Groups, Albuquerque, Reach Agreement on Rio Grande Water - Settlement Will Help City and River Thrive
Settlement to protect and restore Rio Grande Ecosystem
Settlement Agreement Between Rio Grande Silvery Minnow v. Keys Plaintiffs, the City of Albuquerque and the Albuquerque-Bernalill
Water accord signed - Groups reach compromise with city
Proposed Rule to Reintroduce Northern Aplomado Falcons into NM Under a Non-Essential, Experimental Designation
Aplomado Falcon Reintroduction Proposal Would Remove Federal Protections: Groups Challenge Designation of Falcons as "Nones
Petition to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to Reclassify The Utah Prairie Dog as an Endangered Species Under the Endangered
Western Grouse Project
Wildlife at Risk from New "NO-GENETICS" Policy in the Southwest U.S.
Grazing-lease Buyouts? Idea has some promise
Buyout Plan Targets Ranchers; Grazing Permits Would Be Retired
The bird man of the Manzanitas
Cultural Sites, Wildlands At Risk From Federal Oil And Gas Leasing
WildEarth Guardians Wins Appeal of Verde Rim Grazing Allotments
Counter-Inauguration Party
Protest of BLM's Notice of Competitive oil and Gas Lease Sale for Selected Parcels in New Mexico and Oklahoma
Scientists: if prairie dogs vanish, other species will follow
Protection Sought for Aplomado Falcon Habitat: Fish and Wildlife Service Refuses to Consider Endangered Species Act Petition
Once numbering millions of birds across eleven western states, today only140,000 greater sage grouse remain.
60-Day Notice of Intent to Sue Under the Endangered Species Act
This study provided a second year of monitoring for Abert's squirrel densities across a broad spectrum of ponderosa pine forest
Federal Safeguards Sought For Imperiled Prairie Fox - Coalition Challenges Removal of Swift Fox from Endangered Species Act Cand
The Fish and Wildlife Services' failure to issue a substantial information finding on the Gunnison's Prairie Dog listing petitio
Group Fights for Access to Government Endangered Species Information: Bush Administration Continues to Withhold Key Mountain Plo
WildEarth Guardians seeks the documents at issue to determine why FWS abruptly reversed its prior decision to protect the Mounta
Federal Safeguards Sought For Declining Prairie Dog - Continued Bush Administration Bottleneck on Endangered Species Protection
Citizens Propose Plan to Restore Forests in Manzanos: Proposal Counters First U.S. Forest Service Project in New Mexico to Imple
Lesser Prairie-chicken: The Sky Really is Falling - A WildEarth Guardians Report
WildEarth Guardians and other conservation groups today warned the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service of their intent to sue the age
For the Lesser Prairie-Chicken, the Sky Really is Falling - Conservation Groups Urge Endangered Species Act Protection
Grazing Out of Control - A WildEarth Guardians Report
Notice of intent to prepare Environmental Impact Statement
Roadless Conservation Rule: Economists' Petition the USDA Forest Service Proposed Rule Change
Settlement To Protect Snails, Shrimp And Water Quality In New Mexico And Texas
Roadless Conservation Rule: Scientists' Petition the USDA Forest Service Proposed Rule Change
Petition to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to List the Columbian Sharp-tailed Grouse as an Endangered or Threatened Species
Columbian Sharp-tailed Grouse Factsheet
Coalition Files Petition to Save Columbian Sharp-Tailed Grouse - Western Grouse Face a Growing Crisis
Restraining Order Sought to Prevent Massive Prairie Dog Poisoning - Effort Aimed at Preserving the Only Successful Ferret Recove
Complaint for Declaratory and Injunctive Relief to Halt Shooting and Poisoning of Prairie Dogs
Government Plan to Destroy Black-footed Ferret Habitat in South Dakota's Conata Basin
WildEarth Guardians Appeals Sacramento Grazing Allotment Plan - Grazing Harms Mexican Spotted Owl and Two Endangered Plants
Editorial - Too Many Dip Into River Supply
Conservation Groups Decry Removal of Black-tailed Prairie Dog from Candidate List
Notice of Intent to Sue Concerning 'Not Warranted' Black-tailed Prairie Dog Petition Finding
Santa Fe River Preserve Restoration Project Completed: Cleaner Water Provided, Habitat Restored
Endangered Species Bottleneck Continues
Bureau of Land Management Ignores Mandate to Protect Rare Plants in Critical Areas from Livestock Trampling
Rally for New Mexico Wildlands, Wildlife, and Water - Majority of New Mexicans Support Environmental Protections from Oil and Ga
Roadless Areas and Wildlife At Risk Under Federal Oil and Gas Leasing Program
Groups File Appeal to Halt Largest Commercial Logging Operation on National Forests in New Mexico
Bush Administration Stranglehold on Endangered Species Information: Conservation Groups Push Forward on Release of Mountain Plov
Bingaman on Administration's Roadless Rule Flip-Flop
New Mexico Endangered Species List Comes Up Short - Report Underscores Inadequacy of State Wildlife Conservation Program
Temporary Reprieve From Oil And Gas Leasing On 32,500 Acres In NM - Agency upholds most of WildEarth Guardians' challenge to lea
Temporary Reprieve From Oil And Gas Leasing For Aplomado Falcon - Agency upholds portion of WildEarth Guardians' challenge to le
Conservationists Sue To Protect Snails, Shrimp And Water Quality in New Mexico and Texas - Rare Animals at Risk from Oil and Gas
Responding to WildEarth Guardians Petition, U.S. Forest Service to Develop Regional Drought Policy for Grazing
Fish and Wildlife Service to Publish Positive Finding on Sage Grouse
Aplomado Falcon Habitat Needs Upgraded Protection - Conservation Groups Warn Fish and Wildlife Service to Provide Critical Habit
Notice of Violation of the Endangered Species Act Relating to Aplomado Falcon Habitat
U.S. Forest Service to Develop Regional Drought Policy for Grazing - Letter and Comments by Stakeholders
Santa Fe Residents Lock Arms for Tree Planting, Fundraiser along the Santa Fe River by Joining Stream Team 2004
John Horning, Executive Director Of WildEarth Guardians, Receives Conservation Leadership Award
Groups Appeal Chino-5 Grazing Decision - Forest Service Fails to Protect Soils, Wildlife and Watershed
Utah Prairie Dog Faces Extinction - Coalition Seeks Upgraded Protection For Species In Crisis
A Little Known Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Policy Allows Public Land Ranchers to Use Federal Grazing Permits as Collateral W
Coalition Runs Full-page Ads Pushing For Prairie Dog Protection
Lawsuit Alleges National Forest Livestock Grazing Violates ESA
Coalition Secures Court Victory for the White-Tailed Prairie Dog
The Chihuahuan Desert Ecosystem Protection
Sand Shinnery Ecosystem Protection
The Shortgrass Prairie Ecosystem Protection
Report Critiques the Bureau of Land Management's Failure to Protect Environmentally Critical Areas in Four Corners States
The Bureau of Land Management's Conservation Mandate - Areas of Critical Environmental Concern in Arizona, Utah, Colorado and Ne
Protection Sought For Gunnison's Prairie Dog - Diverse Coalition Petitions for Endangered Species Act Listing
Forest Service Backpedals On Prairie Dogs - Agency Rescinds 2000 Ban on Black-tailed Prairie Dog Poisoning
In the face of the U.S. Forest Service's refusal to take basic steps to protect lynx on public lands in New Mexico, several cons
Lynx Not Welcome In New Mexico - Coalition Challenges Forest Service Refusal to Protect Lynx
Private Property And Wildlife Habitat Threatened By Massive Drilling Lease Sale - Groups File Protest Challenging Sale of Drilli
Bald Eagle Refuge Opened Up to Drilling - WildEarth Guardians Urges Protections for Eagle
Endangered Species At Risk From Oil Drilling Plans - Impacts on Aplomado Falcon Cited in WildEarth Guardians Challenge of Otero
Groups Petition EPA to Prohibit Dumping of Coal Ash in Water
Judge Issues Injunction to Halt Logging; Agrees Forest Service Ignored Endangered Spotted Owls
Groundhog Day 2004: Utah Prairie Dog Faces Extinction
Critical Wildlife Areas Endangered By Drilling Plans
Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) Lakes and BMG Wildfire Timber Salvage Sale, Santa Fe Forest
Groups File Lawsuit to Halt Salvage Logging on Santa Fe National Forest
Bush Administration to Propose Weakening Grazing Rules
Bush Approval of Healthy Forest Restoration Act Sacrifices Remote Forests, Public Input
A Letter from Economists to President Bush and the Governors of Eleven Western States Regarding the Economic Importance of the W
BLM Request for Comments on Administrative Review Copy of Revisions to Grazing Regulations Draft Environmental Impact Statement
Suppressed US Fish & Wildlife Service Review of New BLM Grazing Regulations
Lynx Conservation in the Southern Rocky Mountains: Agency Neglect Threatens Lynx Recovery
Federal Judge Cancels Grazing Permits, Rules Forest Service Violated Endangered Species Protections
Forest Service Neglects Lynx In New Mexico - Coalition Warns Forest Service to Assess Land Use Impacts to Lynx
Conservation Groups Challenge Oil and Gas Leasing In Areas Critical To New Mexico's Imperiled Wildlife
Groups to Sue FWS for Foot-dragging, Failing to Protect Black-tailed Prairie Dog
Charging Manipulated Science and Political Interference, Conservation Groups Intend to Fight Mountain Plover Listing Denial in C
Groups Seek Lynx Protection From Federal Carnivore Control - Coalition Seeks Help From Federal Court
Coalition Calls on State and Federal Leaders to Stop Rider and Resume Silvery Minnow Negotiations
ESA Protection Denied for Mountain Plover Despite Mammoth Threats, Low Numbers - Bush Administration Decision Sets Stage for Ext
WildEarth Guardians Sues to Protect Critical Habitat of Threatened Fish on Blue and San Francisco Rivers in Arizona
Citizens and the Endangered Species Act
Residents and Conservation Groups Sue to Stop Colorado Timber Sale - Forest Service using excuse of fire danger to clearcut publ
Conservation Groups Urge Endangered Species Act Protection of Lesser Prairie-Chicken
Environmental Groups Oppose Domenici Rider; Offer to Permanently Put San Juan-Chama Water Off Limits; Vow Not To Seek San Juan-C
New Mexico Resident Embarks on 4200-mile Cross Country Bike Odyssey to Benefit Environmental Group
Environmental Group Challenges BLM Decision Plan to Develop Vehicle Trail in Environmentally Sensitive Area
Actress Cate Blanchett Thanks Santa Fe-based Film Crew of "The Missing" with Gift to WildEarth Guardians
Appellate Court Affirms Bureau of Reclamation's Responsibility To Conserve Rio Grande Ecosystem
Court Rules that the U.S. Government Must Conserve the Dying Rio Grande Ecosystem
Gila Ranchers Trespass Cattle on Wilderness, Harming Endangered Fish and Wildlife
WildEarth Guardians Awarded State Land Grazing Lease; Group Vows to 'Unranch' Lands, Restore Degraded Babocamari River
Drilling Proposal Near Bitter Lakes Refuge Protested
Oil and Gas Development Threatens Bitter Lakes-WildEarth Guardians Appeal to Save Endangered Species and Unique Aquatic Habitat
WildEarth Guardians Files Appeal to Challenge the Bitter Lakes Habitat Protection Zone Environmental Assessment
WildEarth Guardians Comments on BLM Decision Plan to Develop Vehicle Trail in Environmentally Sensitive Area
Court Order and Opinion - Lincoln NF Sacramento Grazing Allotment - April 14, 2003
Judge Rules Forest Service Violated Endangered Species Protections by Authorizing Grazing in Lincoln National Forest
Arizona State Land Department Says Environmental Group Can 'Unranch' Grazing Lease; Requests Sealed Bids For Lease
Conservation Groups Act to Save Douglas County Pocket Gopher
Groups Appeal Gila National Forest Logging Plan - 'Thinning' Project Threatens Songbirds and Ancient Forests
Interior Department Proposes Weakening Environmental Standards for Grazing on Public Lands
A Citizen's Call for Ecological Forest Restoration: Forest Restoration Principles and Criteria
Citizen Groups Sue Forest Service Over Grazing Fee
WildEarth Guardians Pushes for Habitat Protection for Endangered Northern Aplomado Falcon
Background Information for Groundhog Day 2003: Prairie Dogs At Risk
Groundhog Day 2003: Utah Prairie Dog Faces Extinction, Other Prairie Dogs At Risk
Judicial Order Halts Livestock Grazing on Southwest National Forests to Protect Mexican Spotted Owl
Federal Study of West's Energy Resources Reveals Broad Availability of Oil and Natural Gas - EPCA Study Will Determine Western E
Group Threatens Lawsuit Claiming Grazing on Southwestern National Forests Threatens Wildlife
Judge Rules Forest Service Violated Endangered Species Protections by Authorizing Grazing in Gila National Forest
A Bitter Debate: BLM Plans to Expand Drilling Near Bitter Lakes Refuge
The Rio Grande silvery minnow was once one of the most common species in the Rio Grande, occurring from near Espanola, NM downst
Bitter Lakes National Wildlife Refuge, Endangered Wildlife Threatened By Proposed Oil and Gas Development
Petition to BLM Seeking Protection Of 343,000 acres of Habitat for Lesser Prairie-Chicken
Environmental Groups Criticize Runaway Oil and Gas Development as Harmful to Wildlife and Air Quality
Soaptree Yucca and Aplomados - Chihuahuan Desert
Endangered Species Act Under Fire: Controversies, Science, Values & the Law
Settlement - FEMA to prepare and submit a biological assessment (BA) to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service on the effect, if any
Endangered Species Campaign: Protecting Species on the Brink
A Point-By-Point Response to Criticisms Alleged by Jose Varela Lopez concerning the status, origins and effects of the Santa Fe
Environmental Groups File Suit to Halt Development in Rio Grande and San Juan River Floodplains
Environmental groups file suit in federal court in New Mexico claiming that the Federal Emergency Management Agency's administra
Diverting the Rio Grande - A WildEarth Guardians Report
The road to rangeland reform: a history, review, and prospectus
Vanishing Wildlife Dependent on the Southwest's Arteries of Life
Grazing to Extinction
Streams are the arteries of life in the arid Southwest.
Economic Backbone or Boondoggle? Economics of Ranching
Keystone Species Campaign
A 1995 report concluded that the southwestern cottonwood-willow forest is one of North America's most endangered ecosystems.
Santa Fe National Forest Spared From Fracking
Court: Agency Wrongly Denied Protection to Sage Grouse in California, Nevada
U.S. Wildlife Agency Promises Gunnison Sage-grouse Recovery Plan
Drinking Water Partnership Announces Grant Awards Where Upstream Restoration Benefits Downstream Drinking Water
Public Support for Protecting Flathead's Wildlife Loud and Clear
Partnership Formed to Protect Iconic Rio Grande
Trump Attacks National Monuments, Continues Crusade Against America's Public Lands
Climate Threatened by More Coal Mining in Utah
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