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End Public Lands Trapping For Good

Trapping animals for their fur is still occurring across much of the west, largely on our public lands. This barbaric practice is not only terrible for the animals it targets, but it also puts other species, and even companion animals at risk. We are working to end the barbaric practice of trapping across our public lands, but we can’t win without your support. Please make a donation to our Trap Free Public Lands Fund today. 

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Get the Frack Out

Right now the fracking industry is tearing apart the landscape of Greater Chaco, sacrificing Navajo communities and threatening cultural resources that are a part of a World Heritage site. Spurred by a climate change cover up spearheaded by Exxon, this fracking is filling the air with so much carbon pollution that even NASA has sounded the alarm. Let’s Get the Frack out of Greater Chaco and say no to Exxon’s lies. Please support our Greater Chaco Defense Fund.

Keep it in the Ground Logo

Keep it in the Ground

With President Obama’s rebuff of the Keystone XL pipeline, it’s clear that Americans are sick of fossil fuels. Yet climate denial and the coal industry’s greed are fueling more coal mining, setting back our move to clean energy. We’re winning, and plan to make even greater strides in 2016. Make a donation today and support our efforts to overcome the coal industry’s greed and keep our fossil fuels in the ground for good.

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Healing Degraded Waterways

An African proverb says, “When you plant a tree, never plant only one. Plant three—one for shade, one for fruit, one for beauty." After 18 years of restoring broken land and waterways, we’ve actually implemented this proverb more than a million. WildEarth Guardians has transformed tattered fragments of nature into now thriving ecosystems. Your year-end donation will help us to heal even more wild rivers and forests and create a future that we’re all proud of.

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