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Mexican Wolf pc USFWS

Wild Wolves are Essential

In July, Guardians challenged the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's refusal to consider the only remaining population of wild Mexican gray wolves as "essential" to the species' recovery. Our lawsuit opposes this latest example of the Service’s long history of mismanaging Mexican wolf recovery and counters the government’s attempt to place politics above science in its efforts to recover this gravely imperiled species.

Greater sage grouse pc Bethany Cotton

Sage Grouse Plans Fall Short

A series of recently released near final plans to protect the sage grouse across tens of millions of acres of public lands in the American West are woefully inadequate according to our analysis—with vast swaths of habitat proposed for fossil fuel extraction, livestock grazing, and other industrial development. Guardians will be fighting to make these plans stronger and give new hope for the survival of the grouse and the sagebrush sea, which covers more than 100 million acres across ten western states.

West Elk pc WildEarth Guardians

100,000 Plus Oppose Coal Loophole

Guardians joined more than 100,000 people last month in calling on the Forest Service to reject a proposal to allow Arch Coal to bulldoze dozens of miles of roads through a pristine national forest in Colorado’s backcountry. The loophole would pave the way for Arch Coal to expand its underground West Elk mine in an area where crucial wildlife reside. The move would open the door for more than 350 million tons of coal to be mined. Guardians is fighting to keep coal in the ground.

Jess Alford in canoe

Grateful for Guardian Givers

When Jess Alford moved from Texas to New Mexico and started looking for an environmental group that wasn’t afraid of controversy, he kept seeing Forest Guardians name in the paper. One day Jess met Sam Hitt, then Guardians’ Executive Director, and they spent an afternoon talking about forest advocacy. In 1996 Jess joined the board and has been a Guardian ever since. It’s been 19 years now and Jess is getting older, but he's not ready to quit fighting for what he believes in. ...continued here.

Slider Photo credits: lynx—National Parks Service, Jacob W. Frank. Chaco's Pueblo Bonito—EcoFlight. wolf pupplies—Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. coal mining—WildEarth Guardians. Thumbprint photos: Mexican wolf—USFWS; sage grouse—WildEarth Guardians; West Elk Mountains—WildEarth Guardians; Jess Alford—WildEarth Guardians. 


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