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Guardians Files Lawsuit to Protect Lynx

WildEarth Guardians, represented by the Western Environmental Law Center recently sued the Forest Service for its decision to allow logging on more than 16,000 acres in northwestern Colorado without fully considering the project's potential impact on the threatened Canada lynx. WildEarth Guardians is also suing the Fish and Wildlife Service over a decision last year to exclude thousands of square miles of lynx habitat from federal protections, a move that undermines efforts to recover the rare wild cat.

Rio Grande pc Adriel Heisey

Protecting the Wild and Scenic Rio Grande

Guardians and a dozen recreational boating and environmental groups have joined forces to ensure flows in America's first Wild and Scenic River—the Rio Grande. In order to change the course of the failed management efforts by the Bureau of Land Management, the coalition requested that New Mexico Senator Udall step in to provide leadership and funding to best protect the unique geologic, recreational, fish habitat and cultural values of the Rio Grande.

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Protecting Chaco Canyon From Fracking

The Greater Chaco region of northwestern New Mexico is facing unprecedented threats as the Bureau of Land Management approves more fracking. The region’s native communities, clean air, water, and our climate are all at risk. Together with a coalition of local, regional, and national organizations and individuals, we’re pushing back, filing suit to put the brakes the oil and gas industry and calling on our Congressional leaders to stand up for a healthy future. Sign our petition today and help keep Chaco frack-free!

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Grateful for Guardian Givers

Alan Hamilton loves doing restoration work with Guardians’ Restoration Director Jim Matison and the crew he manages.“We work really well together because we share similar environmental ethics, but even more importantly we are both committed to getting restoration projects done."  Alan and his extended family knew Guardians was the right organization to support over the last several years when it became clear that we were committed, ...continued here.


Slider Photo credits: Grizzly bear—Sam Parks; West Elk Mountains—WildEarth Guardians; beaver—Sam Parks; fracking—WildEarth Guardians; Mexican wolf—John W Iwanski, Creative Commons, Flickr; coal line—BLM; Mono Basin sage grouse—vividcorvid.  Thumbprint photos: Canada lynx—Keith Williams, Flickr; Rio Grande—Adriel Heisey; Chaco Canyon Ruins—WildEarth Guardians;  Alan Hamilton—Alan Hamilton; wolf meme—Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.


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