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Orange Cloud pc Alexis Bonogofsky

Power Past Coal

Coal mines aren’t just taking a toll on our climate, they’re producing orange clouds of toxic pollution—putting clean air and communities at risk throughout the nation. Guardians has called on the U.S. Office of Surface Mining to adopt a rule prohibiting these poisonous billows that form when mines use explosives. We continue to expose the true cost of dirty coal.

Coyote thumb pc Ray Rafiti

End the War on Wildlife

The USDA’s Wildlife Services wildlife killing program slaughters  millions of wild animals every year, costing taxpayers tens of millions in federal funds. Wolves, bears, river otters, and prairie dogs are just some of their victims. We’re ready to end this war on wildlife. Join us and ask your congresspeople to defund this out-of-control program.

Got Milkweed thumb

It's Monarch Madness

The monarch migration is one of nature’s most wondrous events.  Millions of monarchs travel from as far north as Canada to gather each winter in a forested mountain range of Michoacan, Mexico. Sadly, without milkweed to eat along the route, the incredible long-distance monarch migration is doomed. Take our Monarch Madness pledge and help the monarchs by planting milkweed this spring.

Mexican wolf pc Wolf Conservation Center

25 Stories to Celebrate Our 25th Anniversary

As WildEarth Guardians celebrates our 25th anniversary, on the 25th of this and every month, we intend to honor our past by sharing stories about the special places, rivers and creatures that we fight to protect—by and about the people protecting them. Read this month's story entitled, How "Never Cry Wolf" Made Me a Wolf Advocate

Slider Photo credits: Black bear: Sam Parks. Prairie dogs: Sandy Nervig. Great place for a tree: Maria Arefieva. Gray wolf: Sam Parks. Monarch butterfly: Barbara Hysell/Wikimediacommons. beaver: istock. Fork Oak Creek, UT: Kevin Mueller/WildEarth Guardians. Bear: Ray Rafiti. Thumbprint photos - . Orange cloud: Alexis Bonogofsky. coyote: Ray Rafiti.  Monarch butterfly: Mark Ellis/Flickr. Mexican wolf: Wolf Conservation Center.


Press Releases

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  • Red Desert Advocates: BLM Should Seize Opportunity to Protect Red Desert Wilderness Gems
  • Toxic Air Pollution at Coal Mines Targeted
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