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Rio Grande small cropped Adriel

Working Towards an Enduring Rio

WildEarth Guardians recently filed suit in federal court challenging a massive federal engineering project that threatens the health of the Rio Grande ecosystem in central New Mexico and will alter hundreds of acres of key habitat of the Rio Grande silvery minnow, Southwestern willow flycatcher and yellow-billed cuckoo in violation of the Endangered Species Act.

prairie dog with mallow pc Sandy Nervig

Happy Prairie Dog Day!

Every year on Prairie Dog Day—commonly known as Groundhog Day—WildEarth Guardians releases our Report from the Burrow, grading state and federal agencies on prairie dog conservation. Famous groundhog Punxsutawney Phil entertains us, foretelling the length of winter, but the status of our prairie dog populations has more serious implications for the future of western grassland ecosystems. How did your state do? Read our latest Report to learn more. 

Pawnee Buttes National Grassland pc WG

National Grassland Defended From Fracking

Colorado’s Front Range is under siege by fracking, threatening the health of the region and its communities. We’re fighting back to thwart the oil and gas industry’s push into our public lands, defending the Pawnee National Grassland, America’s last remaining short-grass prairie, and other vital open spaces. For our clean air and water, our climate, and our wildlife, it’s time to rein in fossil fuels on our western public lands.

Guardian Giver Anne Butterfield

Grateful for Guardian Givers

As a writer and climate and clean energy advocate, Anne recently began to support Guardians, due in great part to Guardians' comprehensive strategy to get more western coal plants off line in the near term. Also key to her support is her deep feeling for animals, relating that North America is rare among developed nations for having lots of wildlife living just outside urban centers. “Recently I have spent weeks traveling the rural green areas of southern France, ...continued here

Slider Photo credits: Chaco's Fajada Butte—Vincent Murphy, Creative Commons, Flickr. Wolf puppies—USFWS, Hilary Cooley. Don't Frack Denver—Food & Water Watch Colorado. Fox—Dollar Photo. Madeleine Carey and family—WildEarth Guardians.  Thumbprint photos: Rio Grande—Adriel Heisey.  prairie dog—Sandy Nervig. Pawnee National Grassland—WildEarth Guardians. Anne Butterfield—Anne Butterfield.


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