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Progress for Lynx in Montana

Lynx in Montana may finally get some much needed reprieve from trapping in the coming season in the wake of a settlement reached between Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks, WildEarth Guardians, and allies. The settlement comes as a result of our March 2013 suit alleging violations of the Endangered Species Act for allowing trapping in areas inhabited by lynx. The public will be able to comment on the proposal and the commission will vote again on the restrictions later this summer.

Chaco Ruins pc WG

Ending the Chaco Fracking Free-for-all

Moving to defend culture, climate, and communities, WildEarth Guardians and allies have moved to put a stop to new Bureau of Land Management fracking approvals in the Greater Chaco Region of northwestern New Mexico. Citing threats to public health, clean air and water, and Navajo communities in the region, the coalition called on a federal judge to issue an injunction on oil and gas development. Learn how you can help stop this fracking free-for-all once and for all.

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Protecting the Wild and Scenic Rio Grande

Guardians and a dozen recreational boating and environmental groups have joined forces to ensure flows in America's first Wild and Scenic River—the Rio Grande. In order to change the course of the failed management efforts by the Bureau of Land Management, the coalition requested that New Mexico Senator Udall step in to provide leadership and funding to best protect the unique geologic, recreational, fish habitat and cultural values of the Rio Grande.

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Grateful for Guardian Givers

When Jess Alford moved from Texas to New Mexico and started looking for an environmental group that wasn’t afraid of controversy, he kept seeing Forest Guardians name in the paper. One day Jess met Sam Hitt, then Guardians’ Executive Director, and they spent an afternoon talking about forest advocacy. In 1996 Jess joined the board and has been a Guardian ever since. It’s been 19 years now and Jess is getting older, but he's not ready to quit fighting for what he believes in. ...continued here.

Slider Photo credits: Craig power plant coal line—Denver post. beaver—Sam Parks; fracking—WildEarth Guardians; Mexican wolf—John W Iwanski, Creative Commons, Flickr. Thumbprint photos: Canada lynx—; Chaco Canyon Ruins—WildEarth Guardians;  Flickr; Rio Grande—Adriel Heisey; Jess Alford—Jess Alford; Rio Grande meme—Adriel Heisey.


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