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Rio Grande chubs. Photo: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Guardians fights for protection of rare fish

On the heels of our scientific petition to list the Rio Grande chub, the species once thought extirpated from the mainstem of the Rio Grande was encountered by a fisherman in Colorado. No sooner than this rare fish was discovered, we learned of a dam project that threatens to destroy its last remaining habitat. More than a half century has passed since this species was found inhabiting its namesake river and we intend to fight to keep them there for the future.

oil gas protest pc WG

Putting an end to criminalizing climate speech

A coalition of groups has demanded the Obama administration put an end to criminalizing climate activists and renewed calls for a moratorium on fossil fuel leasing on our public lands. In response to calls to protect the climate from oil, gas, and coal production, the Interior Department and Bureau of Land Management have spied on peaceful activists, moved oil and gas lease sales online to avoid protests, and gone so far as to make demonstrations a punishable crime.

Mist forestfly Joe Giersch

Rare insect proposed for protection

A tiny insect dependent on the rapidly disappearing glaciers of Glacier National Park is now in line for Endangered Species Act protection, thanks to a scientific petition from WildEarth Guardians. The health of the meltwater lednian stonefly depends on cold streams from glaciers. Climate change is threatening both the stonefly and the park’s namesake glaciers with oblivion by 2030. Only swift action to halt and reverse the effects of climate change can save the iconic landscape of Glacier National Park and its inhabitants, both large and small.

Cecilia Sills at Ojo Encino Chapter meeting pc WildEarth Gua

Standing up for Greater Chaco

With a broad coalition of Indigenous and local leaders, Guardians and allies have launched the Frack Off Chaco site to defend Navajo communities, sacred sites, public lands, and our climate from fracking. With Chaco Canyon at its heart, the Greater Chaco region faces unparalleled threats as the oil and gas industry pushes to drill and frack this culturally significant landscape. Now is the time to stand up for Greater Chaco, tell the Bureau of Land Management to stop letting the fracking industry run roughshod over Indigenous communities, our public lands, and our future.

Slider Photo credits: Fajada Butte—adobestock. bald eagle—adobestock. Rio Grande overlook—Andreas F. Borchert. prairie chicken—adobestock. Thumbprint photos: Rio Grande chubs—Matt Filsinger / USFWS. oil and gas protest—WildEarth Guardians. mist forestfly—Joe Giersch. Cecilia Sills at Ojo Encino Chapter meeting—WildEarth Guardians.


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