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Our Historic Species Settlement Concludes

Read our new report, Progress for Protection, detailing Guardians’ historic settlement agreement with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service addressing the significant backlog of imperiled species long awaiting Endangered Species Act protections. The settlement, which largely came to a close on September 30, 2016, required the Service to make final listing decisions for hundreds of species, many of which had waited decades for protection from extinction.

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Government Wildlife Killing Reined In

The lives of millions of native animals may eventually be spared as a result of our landmark legal agreement this month with the rogue federal wildlife-killing program, Wildlife Services. Our settlement halts killing on over six million acres of public lands in Nevada and ends Wildlife Services’ reliance on decades-old science and biased information nationwide.

Rio Grande pc Adriel Heisey

Water Grab Threatens Rivers

Guardians joined diverse interests in New Mexico this month in challenging a proposal to mine and transport billions of gallons of underground water from western New Mexico to the Albuquerque metropolitan area. This is the second attempt to approve this project that threatens to reduce flows in the Rio Grande, the Gila River, and Alamosa Creek.

Bishop Hearing pc Elizabeth Miller

Defending Communities From Fracking

Guardians and our Navajo allies stood up to defend communities from fracking, calling out Utah Rep. Rob Bishop (R-Utah) for holding a political hearing that blatantly marginalized indigenous concerns. For years now, Navajo communities have suffered from unchecked fracking—facing air pollution, dangerous tank explosions, and signs of worsening health.

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