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Listen to Guardians’ Michelle Lute and Chris Smith discuss Ending the War on Wildlife and trapping in New Mexico on the Santa Fe New Mexican’s Radio Café.

livingston montana

"Gateway to Yellowstone" Spared From Fracking

After Guardians, allies, and a number of Livingston, Mont., landowners filed a protest against a scheduled oil and gas lease sale, Interior Secretary Zinke announced that he was removing 17,300 acres of public lands from the sale. Acres removed from the sale include parcels near Livingston—the “gateway to Yellowstone”—as well as land along the iconic Beartooth Front.

Bighorn pc Greg Lewis

Protecting Native Bighorn in Idaho

This fall and winter, native bighorn sheep in Idaho’s Caribou-Targhee National Forest need not fear death from livestock diseases spread by domestic sheep. In response to our lawsuit, a federal court blocked domestic sheep grazing at the government-run U.S. Sheep Experiment Station, which overlaps with the home range of the South Beaverhead wild bighorn herd. The ruling proves that bighorns’ survival matters to the public and under federal law.


Another Win in our Work to End the War on Wildlife

Endangered wolves and other animals in 16 Northern California counties now have a much-needed reprieve from the federal wildlife killing program, Wildlife Services. In a legal settlement with Guardians and our allies, the program agreed to ban M-44 cyanide bombs, den fumigants and lead ammunition throughout Northern California and stop using traps and aerial gunning in Wilderness and Wilderness Study Areas pending a thorough environmental impacts analysis.

Rio confluence

A Purposeful Partnership

Guardians has joined with Waterkeeper Alliance to protect and restore the Rio Grande from its headwaters in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado to the Chihuahuan desert of southern New Mexico. Jen Pelz, Guardians’ wild rivers program director, is the newly appointed Rio Grande Waterkeeper. The program envisions returning the pulse to this fading river, removing physical and legal obstacles, and reallocating flows back to the river to support its dynamic nature. To learn more about Rio Grande Waterkeeper, check out our new website at or like our page on Facebook.

colorado river rafting

Joining Forces to Save the Colorado

Guardians has partnered with Save the Colorado, Save the Poudre, Living Rivers, and Waterkeeper Alliance to challenge the recently approved Windy Gap Firming Project that seeks to further drain the already imperiled Colorado River. Our lawsuit questions the need to take more water from the Colorado River to pipe, store, and use on the Front Range and aims to overturn the inadequate environmental review and approvals of the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. We cannot stand by and watch this Western icon disappear.

Mexican wolf pc John W Iwanski CC Flickr

Justice Achieved for Imperiled Wildlife

In response to a Guardians’ lawsuit, a federal judge eviscerated the “McKittrick Policy,” holding “Congress placed the burden to know the identity of the wildlife species being killed on the killer.” The policy had crippled prosecutions of those who kill animals protected by the Endangered Species Act by requiring that the government prove killers knew what species they were killing. The decision means killers of imperiled animals like Mexican wolves can again be punished for their crimes.

Slider Photo credits: Rio Grande Waterkeeper Logo-Craig Pelz, Rio Grande Gorge-Adriel Heisey, coal-WildEarth Guardians, sage grouse—Bridgeport, USFWS. bobcat—dollarphoto. Thumbprint photos: Red foxRay Rafiti. Livingston, Montana—Tofslie, Flickr. Bighorn sheepGreg Lewis, CoyoteBethany Cotton, River—Adriel Heisey. Mexican wolf—John Iwanski, Creative Commons, Flickr.


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