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White Supremacy Is Not Welcome Here

Guardians’ executive director John Horning responds to the violence in Charlottesville and to Trump’s indefensible statements: “President Trump has further disgraced the presidency by lending aid and comfort to white supremacists and neo-Nazis. His comments, suggesting moral equivalence between people filled with hate and those who stand against them, cannot be tolerated by a nation built on the idea that we are all created equal.” Read the full statement here.

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Justice Achieved for Imperiled Wildlife

In response to a Guardians’ lawsuit, a federal judge eviscerated the “McKittrick Policy,” holding “Congress placed the burden to know the identity of the wildlife species being killed on the killer.” The policy had crippled prosecutions of those who kill animals protected by the Endangered Species Act by requiring that the government prove killers knew what species they were killing. The decision means killers of imperiled animals like Mexican wolves can again be punished for their crimes.

Cedar Mesa Valley of the Gods, BLM Flickr

Zinke Recommends Shrinking Bears Ears

Interior Secretary Zinke has issued a recommendation to President Trump to significantly reduce the size of the Bears Ears National Monument. Despite overwhelming opposition to revoking or shrinking Bears Ears, Zinke claims the Bears Ears is illegal. It’s clear that under the Trump administration, industry profits will take clear priority over natural and cultural resource protection.

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Groups Unite for Transparency Under Trump

Guardians and the Western Environmental Law Center stepped up our efforts to compel the Trump administration to publicly release government records concerning the killing of western wildlife and the oversight of fossil fuel companies. In a series of legal actions, we moved to require several agencies to release records we’re seeking under the Freedom of Information Act, including records on federal wildlife-killing program Wildlife Services and fossil fuel extraction on public lands.

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