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Rio Grande pc Adriel Heisey

Rethinking the Rio Grande

WildEarth Guardians unveiled its bold vision for conserving water and restoring flows to the Rio Grande in the report and website launched this month. The plan details the opportunity to move water stored in low-elevation reservoirs upstream to reservoirs located at higher elevations. Storing water in this manner would save a huge amount of water each year (otherwise lost to evaporation) and create the possibility of moving water downstream in a way that would bolster river flows and support native fish, wildlife and plants.  

prairie dog pc Thomas Shahan

Tenth Annual Prairie Dog Conservation Report Released

WildEarth Guardians has released the tenth annual Report from the Burrow, examining the twelve states in prairie dog range for their treatment of these keystone species in 2016. As in the past several years, the status quo, where these intelligent, ecologically important animals are treated as pests and widely poisoned, gassed, and shot, remains largely unchanged. The report compares the most recent estimates of occupied acreage to state management plan goals.

eWoW meme 1

End the War on Wildlife

America’s public lands should be a safe haven for native wildlife, but they’re sadly they are not. Instead a federal agency kills millions of animals each year with taxpayer money. We aim to change the outcome for wildlife. In support of this campaign, we have launched a new website to End the War on Wildlife. Check out our new website here along with our new video and share both with your friends.

Santa Fe National Forest Dirt Bike USDA

Santa Fe Forest Safe Again

Off-road vehicle advocates failed again in their attempt to open up more of the Santa Fe National Forest to motor vehicles. The U.S. District Court for the District of New Mexico tossed their second lawsuit attacking the Santa Fe National Forest travel plan. WildEarth Guardians intervened in the lawsuit to help ensure the travel plan—which protected wildlife, water quality and quiet recreation from unregulated motor vehicle use on the forest—stayed in force.

Slider Photo credits: Beaver Creek Road View near Hogback Lookout, Helena National Forest— flickr creative commons, Forest Service Northern Region. wolf—Oregon Department Fish and Wildlife. Fajada Butte—adobestock. bald eagle—adobestock. prairie chicken—adobestock. Thumbprint photos: Rio Grande—Adriel Heisey. prairie dog—Thomas Shahan. End the War on Wildlife meme wolf—Ray Rafiti. dirt bike—USDA. 


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