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Published opinions by WildEarth Guardians and editorials written in response to our work.

Burlington Record "The Rio Grande is Dying and Only a New Compact Will Save Her" July 9, 2018

Santa Fe New Mexican "Chaco Needs Congressional Leadership" March 25, 2018

Seattle Time "Ryan Zinke is Erasing ‘Public’ From Lands He’s Meant to Guard" November 2, 2017

Alternet "How Trump Is Jeopardizing the Future of America's Public Lands" September 1, 2017

High Country News "Don’t Fear Wolves and Grizzlies — Respect Them." June 16, 2017

HIgh Country News "In a Prairie Dog Colony, the Power Dynamics of Modern America" May 10, 2017

Santa Fe New Mexican "Reader View: Crisis is Opportunity for Four Corners Region" May 6, 2017

The Sun "National Monument Boundaries Protect Our Heritage: Guest Commentary" May 2, 2017

Casper Star Tribune "Molvar: Litigation Reveals Anti-sage Grouse Agendas" July 17, 2016

Salt Lake Tribune "Op-ed: Utah Politicians Must do More to Prevent Future Malheurs " July 11, 2016

Denver Post " Colorado’s Rivers Need a Pardon, Not a Death Sentence" July 11, 2016

Missoulian "Forest Service Should Chart New Path" April 11, 2016

Pagosa Daily Post "OPINION: Judge Rules Feds Improperly Refused to Protect Wolverines" April 5, 2016

Salt Lake Tribune "Federal Reforms Will Upend Utah’s Effort to Perpetuate Coal"  March 4, 2016

High Country News "It’s Time to Stop Development and Save the Rio Grande" March 24, 2016

Santa Fe New Mexican "With Spotlight on Oregon Standoff, Political Leadership is Critical" January 17, 2016

Missoulian "What kind of world will grizzlies awaken to in 2016?" January 13, 2016

The Denver Post "Wildlife Commission Should Welcome Wolves to Colorado" January 12, 2016