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Read the recent nationwide media coverage on WildEarth Guardians' work.

Helena Independent Record "Wolf Decision Could Undermine Plan to Remove Grizzly Bears From Endangered List" December 14, 2017 "Wildlife Managers Urged to "Resist Temptation" to De-list Grizzlies Too Soon" December 13, 2017

Buzz "Trump Just Shrank National Monuments, Was Immediately Sued Bigly" December 5, 2017

Star Tribune "Wyoming's Industry, Ag and Environment Groups Sign Joint Letter on Sage Grouse Changes" December 1, 2017

Courthouse News "Hackles Are Up Over ‘Sham’ Wolf Recovery Plan" November 30, 2017

Missoulian "Grizzly Managers Face Hurdles on Way to Delisting" November 30, 2017

Carlsbad Current-Argus "Blight on the Banks: Officials Hope Saving a Rare Mussel Could Restore the Black River" November 26, 2017

Wyoming Public Media "Conservation Groups Argue Peabody Leases Were Improperly Approved" November 21, 2017

Missoulian "Conservation Groups Plan to Sue Flathead Forest Over Road Management" November 19, 2017

Daily Sentinel "Enviros: Stop Mine Emissions" November 10, 2017

AP News "Deal Bans Trap in Colorado, Agency Says It’s Not Used Anyway" November 7, 2017

Reuters "U.S. to Halt Controversial Animal-killing Methods in California" November 1, 2017

Los Angeles Times "Trump Plans to Shrink Two National Monuments in Utah, Senator Says" October 27, 2017

San Francisco Chronicle "Tentative Deal Reached on Deadly 'Cyanide Bombs'" October 26, 2017

Weather Channel "Arizona Hazy Future" October 25, 2017

Elco Daily Free Press "Lawsuit: Bighorn Sheep Threatened by Domestic Sheep Grazing" October 19, 2017

Santa Fe New Mexican "3 members of Interstate Stream Commission resign in 24 hours" October 12, 2017

Santa Fe New Mexican "Rollback Unlikely to Reverse Coal’s Downtrend in N.M." October 9, 2017

Jackson Hole News "Suit Says Winter Plans Don’t Protect Forests" September 27, 2017

Clean Technica "Federal Court Faults Bureau Of Land Management For Coal Mine Climate Analysis" September 25, 2017

Energy Wire "Feds on Notice as Court Smacks Down Climate Review for Coal" September 18, 2017

Portland Press Herald "Environmentalists Cheer Ruling on Coal Leasing" September 15, 2017

Boulder Weekly "New Sage-grouse Recommendations Cater to the Oil and Gas Industry, Critics Say" September 14, 2017

Newsweek "Environmental Groups Sue USDA for "Barbaric" Killing of Millions of Wild Animals" September 11, 2017

Santa Fe New Mexican "N.M. Leaders Urge Feds to Protect Chaco From Oil and Gas Encroachment" September 8, 2017

Yellowstone Insider "WildEarth Guardians Sue USFWS Over Yellowstone Grizzly Protections" August 30, 2017

NM Political Report "State Board Rejects Petition to Regulate Greenhouse Gases" August 30, 2017

Salt Lake Tribune "Firm Wants to Burn Methane Leaking from Utah Coal Mine — Creating Credits to Sell to Carbon-emitting Companies" August 21, 2017

Ruidoso News "Conservationists Seek Ban of Cyanide Bombs in Wildlife Control" August 10, 2017

CBS Denver "Massive Coal Mine Could Expand In Northwest Colorado" July 31, 2017

Source Weekly "Forest Service Moves Forward on Changes to OHV Trails in the Ochocos" July 19, 2017

Westword "Will Trump Administration Drilling Order Threaten Colorado's Recreation Economy?" July 14, 2017

Wyoming Public Media "Environmental Groups Seek To Halt Oil And Gas Leasing" July 7, 2017

NM Political Report "As Court Knocks Down Methane Rule Stay, Industry and Regulators Eye the Permian Basin" July 6, 2017

Grand Canyon News "Ruling: Hunters Responsible for Identifying Targets Before Shooting" July 4, 2017

Financial Tribune "US Activists Plan Lawsuit to Protect Grizzly Bears" July 2, 2017 "Environmental Groups Challenge Ochoco NF OHV Plan" June 29, 2017

Courthouse News Service "With Less Than 100 Left, Pink Dolphins Slated as Endangered" June 26, 2017

Daily Times "Guidelines Developed for Drilling Near Chaco Canyon" June 25, 2017

Scientific American "Yellowstone Grizzly Bears to Lose Endangered Species Protection" June 23, 2017

Charlotte Observer "Watch This Ruling: It Could Affect Coal and Climate Reviews Across the West" June 23, 2017

Silver City Sun-News "Court Throws Out Policy on Whether or Not to Prosecute on Kills of Endangered Species" June 22, 2017

NM Political Report "As the Feds Yank Methane Regulations, NM’s Methane Hotspot isn’t Going Away" June 19, 2017

Durango Herald "Public Comment Opens for Future of King II Coal Mine" June 12, 2017

Star Tribune "Environmental Groups Try to Block Montana Mine Expansion" June 8, 2017

Men's Journal "How Congressman Raúl Grijalva Environmental Lawsuit Could Derail Trump’s Border Wall" May 19, 2017

News Deeply "Report Outlines New Strategy for Stretching Rio Grande Water Supply" May 19, 2017

E & E News PM "WATER POLLUTION Greens Settle Lawsuit Over Pollution of Colo. River" May 18, 2017

The Dodo "Beloved White Wolf Was Just Shot And Killed" May 15, 2017

Post Independent "CPW Begins Study Killing Predators on Roan" May 1, 2017

Daily Sentinel "Predator Reduction Plan Hits Resistance" April 17, 2017

Durango Herald "Habitat Loss Threatens Birds’ Future in La Plata County" April 14, 2017

Farmington Daily Times "Public Weighs in on Future of San Juan Mine" April 13, 2017

Albuquerque Journal "New Silvery Minnow Rules Permit Flexibility" March 31, 2017

Washington Post "The Standoff Between Trump and Green Groups Just Boiled Into War" March 30, 2017

Boulder Weekly "WildEarth Guardians File Injunction to Halt CPW’s Predator Management Plans" March 30, 2017

Dodo "Congress Members Are Trying To Gut The Endangered Species Act" March 29, 2017

NM Political Report "Rio Grande Water Managers Freed Up From Some ESA Constraints" March 28, 2017

Colorado Public Radio "Colorado Mining Country Greets The President’s Coal Order With Cautious Optimism" March 28, 2017

Deseret News "Controversial Bomb That Killed Dog a Common Tool in Utah, West" March 26, 2017

Enviro News "USDA’s ‘Cruel,’ ‘Illegal’ Cyanide Bombs for Wolves and Coyotes Killing Dogs, Hospitalizing Kids" March 23, 2017

Enviro News "Predator Bloodbath: ‘Secretive’ Federal Agency Wildlife Services Kills 1.6 Million Native Animals in 2016" March 18, 2017

Men's Journal "Congressman Rob Bishop is Now Asking Taxpayers for $50 Million to Help Sell Federal Lands" March 10, 2017

Telluride News "Numbers Game: Does Subtracting Predators Add Up to an Increased Number of Fawns?" March 9, 2017

Albuquerque Journal "State-level Resistance Gearing Up" March 6, 2017

E&E News "Risks Soar, Bills Come Due as 20th-century Dams Crumble" March 6, 2017

KOB4 "Environmentalists Challenge Rio Grande Water Transfer" March 2, 2017

Denver Post "WildEarth Guardians Drags Colorado Springs to Federal Court Saying Power Plant Broke Air Quality Rules 3,000 Times" February 9, 2017

Boulder Weekly "Off Target: Are Mountain Lions and Bears About to be Killed for the Sins of the Oil and Gas Industry?" February 9, 2017

Coloradoan "Chaffetz Kills Bill to Sell Off Public Lands" February 8, 2017

E&E News "Western States Must Better Protect Prairie Dogs — Report" February 2, 2017