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Cyanide Bomb Incidents Highlight Need to Ban Cruel Devices

M-44s and Compound 1080, Once Banned by President Nixon, Must Be Prohibited

WildEarth Guardians Applauds Progress Made in New Mexico's 2017 Legislative Session

Despite Federal Setbacks and Political Tricks, Broad Support Demonstrated for Protecting Wildlife and Clean Energy Future in Chaco

Feds Admit Killing Nearly 1.6 Million Native Animals in 2016

Wildlife Services' War on Wildlife Slaughters Imperiled Species and Dogs

WildEarth Guardians Hails Convictions of Militants in Second Oregon Standoff Trial

All defendants found guilty on at least some charges

Legal Protest Targets Trump Plans to Auction 32,000 Acres of Public Lands in Wyoming for Drilling, Fracking

Nothing short of a public lands giveaway at the expense of our health and our climate

King County Passes Motion Opposing Giveaway Of America's Public Lands to State And Private Interests

Washington's most populous county is the first in the state to join Western movement against state takeover of national public lands.

Interior Secretary Zinke Is No Teddy Roosevelt Conservationist

New Interior head promises to hand over management of Americans' lands to logging, fracking, mining interests

Senate Confirmation of Interior Secretary Zinke is Climate Disaster

"Zinke Will Worsen Climate Crisis, Favor Fossil Fuel Interests, Weaken Environmental Safeguards"

Rio Rancho Water Transfer Threatens Rio Grande Flows

Challenge requests the State Engineer Deny the Application

Idaho Settlement Ensures Notification for Wildlife Killing Contests on BLM Lands

Cruel, Unethical Competitions Stopped for Last Two Years

Wild Mexican Wolf Population Increases to 113

Despite Gains, Lobos Continue to Face Uphill Battle

WildEarth Guardians Details Plan to Restore a Living Rio Grande

Moving reservoir storage upstream could save the river

Lawsuit Spurs Forest Service to Ensure Safe Passage for Bull Trout

Payette National Forest will assess how to protect bull trout critical habitat from motorized use

WildEarth Guardians Files Suit to Defend Clean Air From Colorado Springs Coal-fired Power Plant

Colorado Springs Utilities Turning its Back on Air Monitoring, Putting City's Health at Risk

Trump Administration Delays Necessary Endangered Species Act Protections for Guitarfish

Administration Needlessly Meddles in Safeguards for Imperiled Fish

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