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Each spring WildEarth Guardians' members, supporters and volunteers become Stream Team Activists by gathering pledges and planting trees for each pledge. Our Stream Team planting days, held throughout New Mexico and Arizona, are a great way to get your hands dirty for the sake of the environment and re-connect to the wild rivers that sustain us all. Each event is a breathtaking display of what can happen when we come together to heal once-degraded waterways. At the beginning of the day, a somewhat barren landscapes lays before us. A few hours later the area is a forest of newly-planted native trees.

These trees become restored streamside habitat for wildlife such as endangered Southwest Willow Flycatchers and beavers. And Stream Teamers walk away with a sense of accomplishment and connection that ripples throughout their communities.

Visit our Ecosystem Restoration accomplishments page to see how trees and volunteerism transforms rivers and streams.



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  • Eighteen Conservation Groups Give Gov. Hickenlooper Input on State Water Plan
  • Sweeping Water Protections Upheld in New Mexico Appeals Court
  • WildEarth Guardians Awarded Funds for Jemez Mountains Restoration