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Our vision is simple: a future 100% powered by renewable energy by 2035. To get there, the goal of our Climate and Energy program is reform that prioritizes energy efficiency and conservation, phases out fossil fuels, and embraces environmentally appropriate clean power sources.

The Climate Crisis

Global warming is real and its effects are being felt hard in the American West. Increased droughts and forest fires, decreased runoff, loss of wildlife habitat, and rising air pollution are all signs of a climate out of control. The reason? Unchecked greenhouse gas emissions.

The total concentration of carbon dioxide, the main greenhouse gas fueling global warming, in our atmosphere is around 385 parts per million. To preserve our planet, science shows that concentration needs to be cut to 350 parts per million, if not lower. That’s why we heartily endorse and are a part of, a broad-based coalition to bring carbon dioxide down to safe levels.

WildEarth Guardians activities are focused toward meeting the goal of returning to 350 parts per million. We’ve dedicated ourselves to powering past coal in the next 25 years and we’ve also committed to a 10% reduction in greenhouse gases every year from here on out. It’s ambitious, but there’s too much at stake to settle for less.

The Key is Clean Energy

At the same time, we know a successful defense needs a successful offense. We’re doing our part to help clean energy take root and flourish. 

Through incentives, policy reforms favoring distributed electricity generation, an emphasis on conservation and efficiency, a move to sustainable communities, and promoting responsible renewable energy development, we are tipping the balance away from fossil fuels.

Our addiction to fossil fuels is devastating the West’s wildlife, wild places and wild rivers. Clean energy is the key to solving this problem.

Our Campaigns

Our Climate and Energy Program is focused on three campaigns.

Individually, these campaigns are targeting key threats to our climate and advancing real solutions. Using litigation, science, public outreach and organizing, the media, and lobbying, we are making progress. Together, these campaigns represent WildEarth Guardians’ unique “cover all bases” approach to tackling the climate crisis here in the American West.

Program Details

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